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maroon Defector jacket courtesy of Straight to Hell, Jefferson Airplane t-shirt courtesy of Converse, Topshop snakeskin print leggngs, Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony boots, Charles Anastase x Linda Farrow shades, Givenchy bag.

Jewelryjunk: the underworld owl skull pendant courtesy of Blook Milk. Sterling & emerald fox ring and butterfly skeleton ring courtesy of Concrete Polish. Unisex sterling eagle ring courtesy of Alberto Juan. Vintage sterling/onyx rosary ring (right thumb), XL sterling & jasper ring, Pamela Love cross ring. Devil's Hand cuff courtesy of Actual Pain.

The Defector jacket, like the Offender jacket I wore several posts back, is made of the same supple, pebbly buffalo leather, has Straight to Hell's signature red lining and stamped bottle opener zipper pulls. It differs from the the Offender, however, which is more of a cafe racer style moto jacket, with the half-collar that snaps at the neck. The Defector is a true-to-itself, no bullshit traditional British-style moto jacket, which I generally prefer because they're so versatile.

Once again, I am stunned by the quality of the garment all around. All zippers and snaps are fully functional, which is great because the collar can be popped up or snapped down. The Defector also has both a zippered sleeve pocket and an inner breast pocket, which I love (cell phone in the breast pocket, cash in the sleeve, and I'm out the door). The leather wears in very quickly -- after about a week of wearing it for a few hours every day, it breaks in just the right places. My husband has two Defectors: one black with red trim (which he wore in this month's Decibel magazine), and the other a very sleek, almost electric blue. The rich brick color of my own is outstanding ... while black is always a good option, this color goes with nearly everything in my wardrobe. The sunny, breezy weather in Philly today was perfect occasion to snap some proper photos of this beauty.

How great is this huge marbleized jasper ring? Bobby and I both got ourselves one from this neat shop on etsy called Hard Candy Gems. This girl has virtually every color scheme of every [massive] non-precious stone under the sun, and they're VERY reasonably priced. Granted she does use sterling wire, but the way she sets the stones is pretty remarkable. She even has a policy that if your stone falls out, she'll replace the ring for free. I'll definitely be needing more of these. I was recently re-united with what is probably one of my favorite rings of all-time, my vintage sterling/onyx rosary ring, which was hiding under our bed frame for months. I just adore this ring for some reason, and I'm thinking about re-creating it (with a little bit of a demeted twist) for the Käärme pre-fall jewelry colletion.

Speaking of which, inventory has started coming in for Käärme, we're putting the finishing touches on some other pieces, and our lookbook should be online next month, along with the first pieces of Neo-Natal D.O.P.E. (s/s '11) available for purchase. While we continue working on, please feel free to "like" us on myspace and follow our twitter to stay updated.

No sneak-peaks of RTW or accessories yet, that's top secret for now ... but I promise, it's exactly everything Rocky Dennis would wear on his date with that blind chick.




Long striped button-up (?), pentagram collage tee courtesy of Obesity & Speed, black denim cutoffs by No Future, Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony "mary jo" platform boots, Alexandra Cassaniti money bag, vintage Balenciaga shades, floppy woven hat from Target.

Junk pile: Pamela Love dagger rosary, traditional sterling rosary, vintage XL cross on chain. DIY feather earring. pineapple mineral massacre ring courtesy of Angela Monaco, sterling falcon skull ring courtesy of Blue Bayer Gearworks, sterling & onyx frog ring, skull ring courtesy of Alberto Juan, custom sterling & lapis ring, vintage pinky rings, small vintage turquoise ring (right middle knuckle). Sterling & opal cuff, Liebling family heirloom.

The Chloe Sevigny boots were an early b-day gift from my husband. He actually picked them out himself. Impressive, eh? I adore everything about these shoes; the contrasting wood heel, the elastic gores for easy pull-on, the supple leather, the shape ... perfect. The pitch isn't too steep and the platform makes for some mad crazy foot comfort. These are definitely in the top three most favorite shoes in my closet; I'll probably wear them until they fall apart.

It took me forever to find a friggin hat like this. Everytime I thought I found a decent one, a little detail would turn me off: the brim too stiff or not wide enough, ugly fabric, bad craftsmanship. I found this one in the accessories section at Target, and I love it. Properly floppy, ridiculously huge, and I love the fact that it is black woven straw. I also love the pristine condition in which these Balenciaga shades remain -- an eBay find from several years ago. They still have the logo stamp on the lens! The intricate detailing on these is unbelievable; I'll never get rid of them.




Mayhem shirt courtesy of UNIF, DIY bleached jeans, Ann Demeulemeester buckle wedges, Mandy Coon bunny bag, Vans plaid button-up, Jil Sander shades.

Junk pile (in no particular order): Foti for Chrome Hearts sterling & leather necklace, eBayed spiked bracelet, 3-D print nude leather Bless snap bracelet, sterling eagle ring and skull ring courtesy of Alberto Juan, sterling "=" ring courtesy of L.S.D., sterling talon ring courtesy of Leviticus, Margiela black powder coated brass ring, Chanel ivory cocktail ring, sterling falcon skull ring courtesy of Blue Bayer, Pamela Love sterling cross ring.

I've been on a roll with posting lately, yeah? What a good blogger. Such a nice, hardworking blogger. Sike (yes, I said it). In reality, the only thing I've been busting my ass doing, aside from child-rearing (my favorite -- see below), is working on designs for this new RTW & accessories line, and I'm so excited. I won't say too much yet, but things are materializing exactly the way I wanted them to, and it looks like we could even open shop as early as mid-May. You won't be disappointed, I promise. No one is completely original, but our shit comes close, and I would wear every single piece every single day (and probably will).

Speaking of wearing a particular line every single day, I can't help it. I am having a very deep love affair with UNIF, and I can't see it stopping anytime soon. This print is on the top of my list for three reasons: 1) the Mayhem band-inspired logo 2) the colors 3) Bambi doin' it doggy, with Thumper gazing happily at the lovemaking. Genius.

These jeans were hand-bleached skin byrd style by me nearly ten years ago. My husband claimed them his own a couple of years ago and wore them onstage until they fell apart, during his brief try-hard Iggy Stooge wannabe phase with the last Pentagram lineup. Thank god that is over. Now the jeans are mine again: his trash, my treasure.

My favorite Mayhem release is Deathcrush (I never cared for Dead's vocal stylings, but I did like the whole story about him inhaling the scent of a dead raven in a plastic baggie before going onstage; that's kvlt dedication right there) -- what's yours?




Asymmetrical shearling jacket & reversible Get Layd shirt courtesy of UNIF, Stolen Girlfriends Club jeans, DIY patched denim vest, Proenza Schouler moto boots, Givenchy bag, vintage necklace & Pamela Love dagger rosary, unisex sterling eagle ring courtesy of Alberto Juan, sterling & black gold talon ring courtesy of Leviticus, various other custom and/or vintage sterling rings.

We took a day trip to Maryland yesterday to visit my in-laws. I like Germantown a lot; it is a new suburb, with new homes and beautifully constructed shopping centers. I wore UNIF, as I do pretty much every day now. This shearling coat is unusual -- it doesn't have any buttons, hooks, or a zipper for closure, and it seems to look different every time I wear it. I like that. My favorite part are the sleeves, which are extra long so I don't need to wear gloves.


Before we even left PA, I spilled a cup of coffee all over myself in the car. I used an entire Tide stick to go to clean the SGC jeans, but you couldn't even really notice it on the shirt. That is one of many things I love about UNIF. They make shirts in which one can bum, steez, sleep in and then in the morning wake up, throw on a pair of jeans and wear it until it absolutely needs to be washed. Then you wash it in the sink and let it dry on your shower rod. They're just those type of tops, the kind of threadbare cotton blend shirts you search for on eBay for months and gamble on, hoping it wasn't constructed in the early 90s when t-shirts were manufactured in stiff 100% cotton with a print so thick you have to go over it with a razor blade until it hangs the right way. UNIF shirts come to you like they were worn for years, but the print kept its bright colors and just became part of the fabric, so you can barely feel it when you run your hands across it. My favorite.

This particular shirt is reversible: the outside print features a relatively offensive print that utilizes the popular potato chip logo and font to read "Get Layd for the fun of it!" The inside print has the MacDonald's arches and reads "leave your number on the nightstand." I can't decide which side I like better, so I switched halfway through the day. The goldtone necklace with the blue stones is a vintage piece from the 70s that my mother in law gave me just about an hour before we took these photos. She gave me some other pieces too: a sapphire ring, some furs, and a vintage squash blossom necklace made from about a pound of sterling silver and some of the largest turquoise stones I've ever seen. I said to her, "Mom, I can't take this stuff -- you don't want them anymore?" She chuckled, adjusted her huge tinted glasses (much like my own), and replied, "Sweetie, when the hell am I going to wear it?"

On an unrelated note, the official press release for Pentagram's new album Last Rites was recently published online by Metal Blade Records ... you can view that here. Last Rites will be available worldwide on April 12.