Happy 2010 everyone! Tonight we went to POD for their champagne toast and sushi, it was super fun. We didn't really party since we've been sober for a long time and I have a bun in the oven. 9.14 pictures is coming next week to film my first ultrasound for the Bobby Liebling documentary. Unfortunately my "real" camera broke before I was able to post any HQs, so I'm buying a new one when we get home from the tour in January. Here are some ghetto MacBook pictures for your viewing pleasure.

They gave us party hats and blowers that sounded like dying clowns. D:

We had edamame too, which I love but I gorged on it and made myself totally ill.

Some cool rings. The cross is by Pamela Love and the lapis stone I bought at a custom shop in Center City. The thumb ring is also custom and is actually a rosary. A few people have emailed asking about the writing on my hand and if it's a tattoo. Yes, it's a tattoo.

Cool necklace by Erica Weiner for Bona Drag. It's a tiny sterling silver hummingbird skull.

These are hands down my new favorite shoes. They're prune-colored Ann Demuelemeester triple lace boots from f/w last year. They have the stiletto heel. I had a choice between these and the other thicker heel but I decided on these because I've seen more people with the other heel. I like how the heel is set back on these. They're truly spectacular. They even survive the sludgy, dirty Philly snow without looking totally f-ed up. Plus, they're really comfortable and the color is a cool change from black that still matches with everything.

Kimono: Missoni
Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
Jewelry: Pamela Love, Erica Weiner, custom

A bunch of people have also emailed asking about my hair and if it's real. My hair is all real and it's very long but a huge pain in the ass because there is a ton of it. Since my husband and I are hair farmers, I can't bear to cut it even though my stylist pressures me every visit to trim it. My natural texture is like the photos above, very heavy and straight and I am naturally blonde. I prefer the wavy look (pictured below) and you can attain that with longer hair by putting it in two wet braids and sleeping on them, instead of screwing around with the waving iron for hours.

Everyone have a fun night and be safe! I'm an old lady now so we're going to bed.



Playing around with my new MacBook Pro. Merry X-Mas from the Lieblings!



Bobby got me this awesome Christopher Kane dress as an early xmas present:

Love it! These dresses and shirts are even better than the animal print ones from a couple seasons ago.



Acne Atacoma wedges in gray suede/black leather. I love these, even though it takes skill to walk in them. They're basically like walking on 2 tall-ass blocks. The large silver cuff I'm wearing on my right wrist is a custom sterling piece designed by Donald Pywell, creator of the Betsy Wyeth Collection. I have the matching earrings also. This horrible photo obviously does no justice to the piece; I'll take better photos later. I went to kindergarten with Donald's twin daughters and he and his wonderful family have been dear friends of ours ever since. He does breathtaking custom pieces, like this sterling lobster claw on a leather rope:

Donald is a lovely person and has designed many beautiful silver and gold pieces for me and my mother over the years. I have some little gold post earrings that are bees; I wore them as a kid. He also made my mother an exquisite pinky ring, an 18kt gold frog with diamond eyes. Its legs wrap around and are the band of the ring. Donald uses only the finest of materials and has always taken lots of time for the painstaking little details in his work. I've never been unimpressed with anything he's done.

Jacket: Bebe
Denim button-up: Topshop
Skirt: Lip Service (?)
Thigh-highs: American Apparel
Glasses: Luxotica/Ray Ban (custom)
Jewelry: Swiss Army watch, custom by Telstar Jeweler, custom by Donald Pywell, vintage
Shoes: Acne

Sorry for the horrible-quality photos, my good camera still isn't ready to use and my Blackberry has started shitting the bed. Time for an iPhone!




Chloe brown lace-up boots. Love these. The coat was an incredible find at a local vintage shop called Sweet Jane. It's a 50s replica that was made in the 70s. The best part is a huge inside hip pocket. The Pentagram pendant belongs to Bobby and was a gift from a very dear fan. It is a replica of the sterling silver one he used to wear in the 80s:

This is probably the most well-known photo of my husband, taken by Jeffrey Lee.

My bathroom, with South Philly-appropriate marble walls. You can see my loads of vintage costume jewelry hanging on my toiletries rack.

BOYY "Slash" bag.

The ring I am wearing on my ring finger is by Driftwood Skull, which I got at Opening Ceremony in NYC. The thumb ring is vintage from an estate sale. I'm also wearing a charm bracelet, a gift from my Nona to which she adds charms every year.

Coat: vintage
Sweater vest: vintage
Tube top: Free People
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Glasses: Luxotica/Ray Ban (custom)
Jewelry: Vintage, handmade, custom, Driftwood Skull
Shoes: Chloe

Today Bobby wore all vintage:

Nice busted button honey, lol.

Shirt: his father's
Pants: vintage
Boots: vintage, cuban-heeled
Jewelry: All custom pieces, sterling silver or white gold

I got my bangs and sideburns trimmed yesterday. I always hate the way stylists dry my hair, so before I left the salon, I braided it and tied it ontop of my head like I always do when it's wet:

My hair is so long. It's such a pain in the ass that I never heat style it anymore. The sweater I'm wearing here is Rick Owens. The necklace is a custom white gold and diamonds piece that was a gift from Bobby. It's a shame I didn't take photos of the whole ensemble. I also wore a black denim miniskirt, black&white patterned tights, Proenza Schouler black platform ankle boots, and a black leather Furla bag I've had forever. Oh, and this black floor-length quilted faux fur-lined coat.

I got these Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony buckle booties a few months ago, but I wanted to share them anyway:

Peaches closes the post with her new toy from Doggie Style:

These Blackberry photos won't be standard; I'm just using them until my good camera is configured.

Have a great evening!



I took a long shot and emailed the Ann Demeulemeester headquarters in Antwerp to see if they had any of the triple-lace ankle boots left from f/w 2008. I didn't expect a reply, since these are STILL so coveted and long sold out. To my extremely pleasant surprise, a very sweet woman emailed me back saying they had ONE pair left in the prune color in exactly my size! Not only that, but this wonderful angel of a woman offered them to me for FIFTY PERCENT OFF! Of course, I immediately bought them. So, now I have these beauties coming in the mail:

Oh, how I have searched. I am so excited! THANK YOU to the amazing people at Ann Demeulemeester for digging these up for me!

I leave you with another gem from Jeffrey Lee, a beautiful black&white photo of my husband's jewelry box:


Excited about some brand new purchases, soon to be arriving in the mail:

A.F. Vandevorst. The various fabrics and prints plus the Chinese collar won my heart.

Rick Owens. I snagged the last one in black, instead of the white one pictured above. Should be a good staple. I'm always happy with Rick Owens.

I think I can make the Atacomas work with the Vandevorst dress for an unexpected color combo ... if not, I think either my Proenza Schouler platform motorcycle booties or my black Balenciaga boat wedges will suffice. Would also look good with my Balenciaga throwback shades, which I've had for awhile now:

Or else just my standard gray Luxotica aviators with gray-tinted lenses. These are my everyday prescription specs.

Again, sorry for the stock photos, I'll be using my own photos of me in outfits in the very near future, in place of these boring stolen stock pics.



I'm still configuring the setup of this new blog and my scanner for personal photos, so I leave you with the following:

My new Acne "Atacoma" wedges in gunmetal. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of these long-coveted babies.

My new Rick Owens "fin" wedges, another addition to my wedge collection obsession.

newly-acquired Comme Des Garcons brogues, rescued from yoox.com. Sadly, these are too big for me so I've listed them on ebay for another lucky owner.

A photo taken by dear friend Jeffrey Lee circa 1982(?) of my husband applying makeup at a gig, donning some homemade studded bracelets which, ironically, are still very much relevant these days (see: Givenchy f/w 2009). Visit Jeff's archive sites in the "affiliates" section to view other incredible photos of this nature.

Please excuse the stock photos of the shoes; this won't be the case in the future, once my scanner is configured.

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season with not too much stress; I got a lot of my shopping done early (most of the men and women are getting fragrance sets, which are easy to wrap for my clumsy ass).