1800-EAT-SHIT tee c/o Blood is the New Black, leather shorts (?), vintage green leather jacket, UNIF platform boots, Christian Audigier studded nylon & leather bag ... shark tooth pendant on chain c/o Vanessa Mooney, Nosferatu pendant c/o L.S.D., 2-finger hummingbird ring c/o Blood Milk, butterfly skeleton ring in sterling c/o Concrete Polish, "Baphomet" ring c/o Actual Pain.

It's been forever, right? The past couple of months have been crazy between working on finishing up Kaarme collection #03 & being on the road in Europe w/ Pentagram (which was a shit=load of fun -- thanks to all of my readers who came to say hi over there!), but I'm back now. This was just a quickie so I could share one of several awesome gifts Blood is the New Black sent me awhile ago ... speaking of whom, yall can expect a Blood is the New Black x Kaarme capsule collection to arrive in early 2013. Jucify you! Be excited, be-be excited! More soon. x



Yves Satan Laurent c/o Killer Condo, eyeball leggings via eBay, Margiela heels, Mandy Coon bunny bag, Louis Vuitton shades, green cocktail ring c/o Hard Candy Gems, eBayed snake earring/ear cuff sterling bracelets/bangles brought home from Europe by Bobby.



vintage White Zombie tee, leopard print lace-up leggings, "punk flyer" messenger bag all eBayed; knockoff Alaia booties from Target, cheap-o shades, Margiela black powder-coated bangle & ring, various other sterling rings & bangles.



T-shirt c/o VOW, Kaarme "Gemini" studded cutoffs, vintage David Ackerman boots, Skingraft talon bag, pink druzy ring c/o Hard Candy Gems, "split" stone ring c/o Union Studio, earrings c/o Vanessa Mooney, bracelet via eBay, all other rings vintage sterling.

VOW makes the best destroyed tees. I received this super soft one awhile back, which is part of their second collection. If destroyed is not your jam, VOW also offers non-destroyed versions of all of their designs.

I'm on a roll, yeah? More soon. xo



No. 666 tee c/o Killer Condo, faux leather laced-up pants via eBay, Ann Demeulemeester triple-lace boots, Jil Sander shades, BOYY Slash bag, pink druzy & speckled jasper cocktail rings (right index & middle) c/o Hard Candy Gems; "Love Angels" rosary necklace, tri-color "Serpent" ring (left middle), & "Poison" earrings c/o Vanessa Mooney; lapis ring (left index) & random sterling ring (right ring) both vintage, all bracelets purchased by Bobby in Europe except for the Tiffany's padlock.

I got these pants for dirt cheap off of glorious eBay, along with a cornucopia of other sick pants, leggings, and overalls (yes, overalls -- and yes, I made them look badass), which you'll see in the very remote future. The shirt was sent to me from the amazing people over at Killer Condo ... it is also available in black, which I have as well. KC's tees are so soft and whenever I wear them out, I get a slew of "omg-where-did-you-get-that-shirt" compliments from passer-bys. Love, love, love. I'm also loving my new pink druzy ring, courtesy of Hard Candy Gems. HCG's treasures are not only stand-out gaudy-gorgeous, but amazingly comfortable; both my husband and I wear their rings on a daily basis. I have purchased statement pieces online for triple the price of what a Hard Candy Gems piece runs for, only to be disappointed by the crappy quality. Trust this woman when I say this to you right now: you CANNOT go wrong with HCG.

I'm going to end this post on an extremely positive note by making a very exciting announcement. I'm so honored that Troma Productions (the legendary horror film company responsible for classics like the Toxic Avenger series, Terror Firmer, and Blood Sucking Freaks) contacted the nefarious scoundrels at Käärme Concepts and asked us to provide the costumes for their current production, Return to Nuke 'Em High. Return to Nuke 'Em High will be the fourth installment in the Nuke 'Em High series (read more on Nuke 'Em High here, and we at Käärme are majorly pumped to see our gear on the Cretins, the leading ladies, and the other cast members. So we're warning you now: watch Return to Nuke 'Em High when it unleashes itself on Netflix, Redbox, On Demand, etc etc etc, or we'll make sure the next joint you smoke is radioactive weed and you puke a baby monster into a toilet bowl ;)

Class of Nuke 'Em High - 1986

More soon! I've been killin' it with semi-frequent posting, yeah?