Käärme tye-dyed Ouroboros shirt, DIY cutoffs, Margiela "hoof" shoes, Jas M.B. leather tote, Ksubi sunglasses, Chrome Hearts necklace, Devil's Hand cuff courtesy of Actual Pain, lightning burst cocktail ring courtesy of L.S.D., various other sterling rings.

It's been sooooo long since I've done a post like this. We had a babysitter today, it was beautiful outside, and we snapped some photos. This has pretty much been my summer uniform, down to the frozen strawberry lemonade. I adore these shoes. They're so comfortable, casual enough to wear with a tank and cutoffs like this, and make this pleasant clop-clopping noise while I walk. The heels have rubber bottoms, so they provide sufficient traction. These also came in a tall version, but I like the slingbacks a lot. That little white stitch makes me smile, as usual. Like everyone else, I'm really into the neon nail polish thing right now; another one of those little things that make me smile. As for the shirt, this is one of my favorite color combos we did. I love shirts you can wear, sleep in, and then wear again the next day. That's how I do. I'm going to make an honest effort to post on a consistent basis from now on, while I'm working on the autumn/winter Käärme stuff. There's a particular sterling pendant that will be available for purchase next month that I'm really buttfunky in love with. I literally worked on it for years, and seeing it materialize into a tangible piece that is exactly how I pictured it is pretty exciting. I'm taking care of that nest on top of my head on Wednesday. My hair is so nuts that I can like, put braids and beads in it and forget they're even there. I know.

In other news: I caved and finally started a tumblr

I'm off to watch a movie with my sweetheart. More soon. No, really!



Some snapshots of our tye-dyed Ouroboros logo shirts. Not going to lie, I want to keep all of these. In other news: before the shop is even functional, we've already sold out of the "100% Fucking Authentic" tee in size medium. Thanks for the support, guys! The shop will be up this weekend, so stay tuned!



Hellhammer bag & Snakerider tank top by Käärme Concepts.

Our first lookbook is now up on the Käärme website, so check that shit out. Not pictured is the above piece, our Hellhammer bag. The Hellhammer bag is a nice soft leather number with two pockets, tons of hardware, and can be worn slung over the shoulder, cross-body, and the strap has a zipper which allows the bag to be worn as a backpack. And, like a facebook friend noted, it can also double as a weapon. Pretty sweet, and I love mine. The bag, along with the rest of the collection, will be available to purchase by the weekend. And then I will get back to regular posting .. my hair is absolutely monstrous, so I have to do something with that ASAP. Like, maybe bleach the crap out of it. We'll see. xo



Photos by Hiep D., ©Käärme Concepts, LLC

The Käärme summer lookbook goes online Wednesday 7/20 and shortly afterwards the webstore will be functional..here are some xtreme closeups to celebrate -- shwing! I swear I tried all day to assemble something cute to wear & photograph, but I just had one of those days where even the greatest of tops were making me feel like a fucking MONSTER .. we all have those days, but needless to say I DID end up putting on a käärme shirt. I still looked like a monster, but just sayin'. xo



Photo by Hiep D., ©Käärme Concepts, LLC

Our tye-dyed Ouroboros tank, available soon. This comes in a bunch of different colorways; Mandy is wearing the pink/yellow/orange. xo



Photo by Hiep D., ©Käärme Concepts, LLC

The site is almost done but I couldn't resist sharing this ... the pendant (solid sterling) will be available along with everything else soooon. Can't wait!




Photos by Hiep D., ©Käärme Concepts, LLC.

Since the Käärme website will be launching any day now, I have been totally consumed by last minute work for that. So in the meantime, here is another mini teaser of the Neo-Natal D.O.P.E. collection. The photo in the middle is our Pacifier ring, composed of 45+ ounces of solid sterling with the nipple done in contrasting brass:

suck it

So pleased with how this piece turned out. Also pictured are a couple of the disgustingly soft & drapey 65/35 poly/cotton blend t-shirts, though the black shirt in the first photo will be sold sans sleeves. I adore the texture of our shirts; they're like those old Lonely Ladies shirts from the 70s where the screens feel like they're part of the fabric. Even jumbo prints that cover the entire garment are undetectable when you run your hand across them. I have been literally living in our shirts for the past month or so ... once the site goes live, I can start posting outfit pictures again.

Keep checking back at kaarmeconcepts.com to view the entire collection & shop the webstore.

More soon! x