Finally, Käärme's second collection, FAST DRUMS NUMB GUMS, has arrived. I couldn't be more stoked. I'm so tired that I almost typed "stokeder," What you see in the lookbook that isn't available in the shop yet will be up there later on today.

So much work went into this collection. We toiled. We tweaked. We re-tweaked. We molded. We hammered. We shaped, stamped and tramped, I feel like I just ran a marathon, minus the physical triumph. In essence, it was totally worth it -- thanks to the horde of carnies and Big Book-thumping psychotic throwbacks (aka our retail customers), our wholesale customers, and a few other very special elite juggalos (u KnOw wHo U aRe), we're getting ready to enter the production stage of the spring/summer collection. It's been surreal to experience this little label grow from just a handful of t-shirts to a cornucopia of incredibly crafted RTW and a horde of carnie nutcases who faithfully don our freakwear. We're super thankful for the overwhelming amount of positive response & support; expect much, much more in the very remote future. In the meantime, enjoy our blood, sweat, and tears by wearing it while you bleed, sweat, and cry.

I recently received some mind-blowing jewelry from Australian unisex jewelry label Drawn & Quartered. When I say "mind-blowing," I mean crazy fucking incredible. Like, you wear the shit and it takes your breath away in such a fashion that you nearly suffocate and drop dead. So, I'll be styling that gorgeous stuff on here in my next post. This nonsensical psychospeak is actually relevant: I'm enthralled to announce that Drawn & Quartered and Käärme are collaborating on some criminally badass jewelry. And I'm sorry to say that it is going to be mandatory once ya'll get wind of it. You've been warned.

More soon! &hearts