Since we're in the process of a move and Bobby is on tour, I've spent the past week packing and moving little by little .. this calls for a do-rag and some pretty sloppy attire. Since I've pretty much been living in that and all of my decent clothes are packed away, here are some black & whites to tide you over. We'll be situated soon, and I have a few spectacular new pieces I'm excited to share. In the meantime, don't forget to sign up for my Blood Milk pendant giveaway ... there's still a week left!

old Violent Society tour shirt

Topshop maxi, Jil Sander shades, Rodarte t-shirt, Aldo wedges, Jas M.B. bag

Alexander Wang beatle boots, Alexandra Cassaniti money bag

Gareth Pugh scythe ring, Robert Lee Morris x Andy Warhol suicide jumper pendant

Custom aviators, various accessories

Junya Watanabe denim jacket, Juicy Couture jeans, Marni wedges

Ray-Ban aviators, various accesories

Ann Demeulemeester triple-lace boots, vintage AC/DC shirt

vintage David Ackerman boots, Jas M.B. leather clutch

Also, my partners and I speculate that the initial web-exclusive pieces for MeineLiebe will be available for sale in September. I'm blown away by the designs so far and can't wait to wear them myself!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. &hearts



Striped top from Nasty Gal, vintage red polka-dot silk blend blouse, Balenciaga boat wedges, Topshop thigh-highs, Zara cutoffs, mirrored XL cross pendant from Antti Asplund Block; gifted stag shield pendant, eye tooth/hair earring, and = pyramid ring by L.S.D. (Little Sister Designs), Gareth Pugh scythe ring, Jas M.B. leather tote.

It's hard to make an effort with clothing while over 7 months pregnant in 95 degree humidity, but I had a business meeting today, not to mention a few new pieces I wanted to share ..

A Finnish reader emailed me a link to the Antti Asplund webshop a couple of weeks ago, where I ordered the mirrored cross pendant. Such a beautifully designed, simple statement piece -- it's also very lightweight and not cumbersome whatsoever. For some reason the link to the webshop wasn't working for me tonight, but I remember this pendant comes in a variety of different colors. The mirrored one is good for lazy people like myself who don't want to rummage around in their bag for a compact mirror.

Victor Griffin gave my husband the red blouse on their last tour. Victor and his wife are great at finding amazing vintage pieces. I'm not sure who the designer is, but I love the "airbrushed" polka-dot effect and the ruffled sleeves. The lightweight silk blend fabric allows it to be worn in the heat without any discomfort. The Balenciaga kicks are from a couple of seasons ago. I don't get a ton of wear out of them due to the platform-to-heel ratio, but they're very versatile nonetheless, and still fall into my "must-have" category. Custom Ralph Lauren glasses.

I recently received the sterling stag shield pendant, the equals ring, and the eye tooth/hair earring from L.S.D. ... I so adore these pieces. They're completely appropriate to my style, yet simultaneously unexpected. The earring (not yet sold on the L.S.D. webshop) is a real bleached human eye tooth attached to a lock of brown hair ... creepy to some, but to creepy people like myself, more on the "voodoo-cool" side (the designer sent me the cutest note with it, reading: "if the hair kinks up a bit, just run a straightener through it").

When I first discovered L.S.D. (Little Sister Designs), a one-woman jewelry label out of New Zealand, I was immediately drawn to the dauntless sterling/metal statement pieces. The designs are what I would deem as "appropriately offensive" -- subtle enough that one takes a second glance as opposed to blatantly gawking. From the Area 51 knuckle duster (a massive two-finger ring with a sterling silver UFO atop a green "grass" disc) to the shield pendants/brooches (customers may choose from the stag head I wore in this post to a pair of kidneys, among many other designs), L.S.D. are quirky, brash, beautifully detailed, and vastly unlike anything else I had seen before. Seldom do I take such a liking to a line that I feel compelled to contact its founder, but I found myself immediately emailing Charlotte Burkhart, the designer behind L.S.D., after thoroughly perusing the webshop in its entirety. As it turned out, Charlotte is a total sweetheart; she was generous enough to send me the three beautiful pieces pictured here, and give me an interview focusing on the conception of the line and what motivates her to create such striking designs.

1. How long have you been making jewelry and when did you launch Little Sister Designs?

I started making jewelry when I was about 10 (11 years ago). In the past year I have only started making things I actually love and treasure. It has taken a while for me to get to that place. I changed the name of Little Sister Jewellery to L.S.D (little sister designs) at the beginning of the year.

2. What prompted you to call your label LSD? What is the significance behind the name, if there is any?

It used to be called Little Sister Jewelry, but it never felt edgy enough. The reason I called it Little Sister is because I am the little sister of the family, my fav song was called "Little Sister" by Queens of the stone age, and it just sounded cool. But as my work progressed I felt it grew away from Little Sister. I was contemplating changing the name when my sister said "Why don't You call it LSD??" Short for Little sister designs... it just felt right. It still had elements of the name I love.

Sterling silver "shields" by L.S.D.

3. From where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

I have a strong attachment to pop culture, and draw inspiration from different movies, t.v programs, and symbols. At the moment my jewelry is heavily influenced by the fantasy world of Harry Potter, and elements of True Blood, Star Trek (haha), Rocky Horror Picture show and Dexter. I love the quirky and gloomy side of jewelry but with added humour.

4. Describe the process, both creative and manual, involved in producing such striking statement pieces.

I do a lot of research and planning for most of my work. Lots of drawings help to finalise ideas. Sometimes I just get random ideas and draw them down and come back to them months later. I just think you need to draw or write things down, no matter where you are, or you will forget them. When I have drawn several versions of what I want to make, I will settle on one and photocopy it so i have a few templates to work with.

Area 51 knuckle duster.

5. On what type of person do you picture Little Sister Designs being worn?

I can see people with an edgy style wearing my pieces. A lot of my jewelry can be worn by male or female, and I hope men realize that. My dad rocks the shield brooches!

6. Which is/was your favorite LSD piece and why?

It's hard to say as i am continually making pieces I love (not to sound up myself or anything, I just think if you don't like what you make, what's the point?). I would have to say my favorite piece I have made is probably the stag shield, or my eye tooth earrings. I also love my space ship rings.

7. What was the biggest challenge or obstacle you faced at any point in time involving LSD? How did you deal with it?

I haven't been doing this full time for very long so I haven't faced many obstacles, but at the moment I would probably say the need to prove to people that I want to be successful with my jewelry, and it isn't just a hobby for me; it's my life. And I love what I do. I think I am slowly proving that by being totally committed to what I do.

Peek-A-Boo pendant.

8. If you could choose anyone in the world to wear one of your pieces, who would it be and what piece would you choose?

Oh man that is such a hard choice. I would probably have to choose two! for artistic sake and for advertising's sake I would have to say Lady Gaga, and my area 51 ring (not that i am a fan or anything, but her style is pretty cool!). And for my own personal satisfaction I would want to see J.K. Rowling wearing my Stag Brooch or necklace. I would be the happiest girl in the world, as she is a real inspiration to me.

9. Who is your favorite independent jewelry designer right now whose work you feel is underexposed and under appreciated? Which jewelry designer do you feel is totally overrated?

My favorite independent jewellery designer at the moment is Margaux Lange. She makes the most amazing jewellery out of Barbie dolls! At the moment I am in love with jewellery and items from beetle and flor, i am not sure if they are under exposed but I think they deserve more fame! I am not sure which jewellery designer I see to be over rated, but I know I am REALLY OVER acrylic laser cut jewellery. I find it really plain and lacking elements of coolness. Its too one dimensional!

10. Where do you see LSD two years from now?

I would love to see my jewellery in stores around the world, as well as my home land New Zealand. Of courseIi want it to do well but I also want it to always have the one off, hand made feel - unlike mass-produced jewellery. It would just make me so happy if I can make things people love and treasure.

Thanks to Charlotte for the wonderful treasures -- I can't take them off! -- and the interview. You can currently shop L.S.D. on Etsy, or stay updated with Facebook.

More soon ... in the meantime and to your advantage, I've obviously been on a jewelry kick -- get in your submissions for my Blood Milk "joan of arc as duelist part iii" pendant giveaway. Have a great day. &hearts



How amazing is this brass knife necklace from Blood Milk? The piece, which is called joan of arc as duelist part iii and retails at $85.00, is limited edition and features a dueling pistol/real knife pendant (complete with push button release & safety lock) on a vintage bar link chain with a sacred heart rosary connector and an additional small brass pendant at the clasp. I styled a similar piece (the butterfly knife necklace) several weeks ago ... it is by far one of my favorite pendants in my vast collection:

Good news: J.L. Schnabel, the artist behind Blood Milk creations, has been generous enough to offer one of these exquisite pendants to a lucky reader. All you need to do to qualify is:

1) Become a follower of both Halcoholic and the Blood Milk blog on either Bloglovin' or Google friend connect.

2) Comment to this post with your name, email address, and your favorite piece from the Blood Milk webstore.

Only one submission per reader. This giveaway will run for two weeks and all submissions must be made before Friday, July 2. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Sunday, July 4th. Good luck! &hearts



Charles Anastase for Linda Farrow sunglasses, Acne t-shirt, Topshop maxi skirt, Celine platform wedges, Y-3 leather clutch, gifted sterling ram skull pendant & falcon skull ring (left index finger) by Blue Bayer, black matte "engagement" ring by Martin Margiela, chain/spike bracelet from ??

I swear the bird-flipping in the last photo was not intentional this time! I was grabbing for my skirt. I thought it warranted posting just for this reason.

We've been super busy this week preparing for our move and my upcoming baby shower, but regardless I wanted to share a few things.

This solid sterling ram skull pendant by Blue Bayer is absolutely exquisite; very detailed and a very heavy piece of silver. My husband and I have been fighting over this one since its arrival.

I adore this Y-3 clutch. The pebbled leather is very sturdy, not to mention it has a ton of inner compartments. It's a nice change-up from my usual massive leather tote.

Aren't these Charles Anastase x Linda Farrow shades insane? Ridiculously huge, ridiculously tinted, just ridiculous all-around, and I love them. The incredible falcon skull ring on my left index finger is another mind-blowing Blue Bayer piece. Like the ram skull, it is also solid sterling and incredibly detailed, down the the tiny nostrils and creases in the eye sockets.

I never get sick of these Celine wedges .. if only the back part of the wedge was wider, they would provide a lot more stability for long walks. I still put up with the occasional teeter-tottering while wearing them -- they're just that gorgeous.

The black Margiela ring is a pretty unexpected design for me in its simplicity, but I like it a lot. I think it was the matte finish that ultimately sold me. It's very distinctly Margiela, and I don't own anything else like it. It's also been coated so as to not turn the wearer's finger green. It looks plastic, but it's actually not .. I'm pretty sure it's brass. From La Garconne.

That's it for now .. have an amazing weekend. &hearts



One-of-a-kind distressed blue leather briefcase by Wa Bags; I use this for my Macbook.

Several readers have asked for photos of my entire collection of jewelry and accessories. Based on the fact that I have such a massive amount of jewelry and is strewn literally everywhere around the house -- in drawers, purses, various boxes, hung on doorknobs, wall hooks, etc. -- providing photos of every single piece is virtually impossible. Thus, I've compiled these photos, which represent a very small portion of my accessories ..

Blood Milk owl claw, Chanel cocktail ring, Pamela Love cross ring & Pamela Love dagger rosary, vintage gold men's watch, Juicy Couture charm bracelet, Foti by Chrome Hearts sterling/leather necklace, Forever 21 cross ring, vintage sterling silver bangles, vintage sterling/opal cuff from my mother-in-law, Donald Pywell custom solid sterling "squiggle" cuff, 3-row leather cone stud cuff, Lostmarc'h Din Dan eau de toilette, Vera Wang Princess edt.

L to R: vintage sterling/onyx, Leviticus black gold/sterling talon, sterling ram skull, Forever 21 cross, custom sterling "armor" knuckle ring & black jade band, white & black diamond buckle. Nail polish is "Rise and Shine" by Sinful Colors.

Motorhead "March or Die" pendant, Lucky Brand turquoise/bronze pendant, custom bone & turquoise skeleton, vintage maltese cross w/ gemstone embellishments.

BOYY "Slash" bag, Furla pebbled leather hobo, Jas M.B. leather shopper. These 3 (along with my Marc Jacobs crossbody) are my standard black leather bags on rotation .. I like the fact that they all have different-colored hardware (BOYY bag has black chrome, Furla has silver, and Jas M.B. has gold).

Weird little "shrine" shelf I have in the bedroom.

Blue Bayer solid sterling crow skull, bronze pentagram pendant from Summer Adeline, vintage porcelain "Monet" pendant, various other necklaces/chains.

I have many new incredible statement pieces on their way to me this week (more Blue Bayer, among others) ... I'm very excited to style & share them on here.

My husband carries around this black leather fanny pack. In the 80s, he used a white leather man-purse with a pentagram on it.

Bobby has always loved gaudy clothing and accessories. Here he wears his standard custom sterling silver & white gold pieces and his Prada aviators. Sorry to disappoint all of his kvlt fans; after 35 years of being a virtual pariah in the music industry and playing gigs for $100, he'd rather wear Prada and not trash from yard sales.

Looking like Liberace at Maryland Deathfest '10 (Return to the Pit via The Pentagram Archives)

The choker is engraved "LAMF" and was a gift from me. The large rope-looking piece is antique solid sterling and fully-jointed.

I recently acquired a new Moleskine, since my old one is now completely filled since I started brainstorming design concepts for MeineLiebe. Today I opened up the new one, and found that Bobby had written in it:

"To whomever: No matter how high you climb, think of the principle of the ladder. Each rung may sensationalize one's rise, yet it cannot occur without also first having the gravitational pull of the other foot to stable you. Henceforth: down = gravity = people = earth. Question: is up down? Food for thought 6/12/10."

Based on this pearl of wisdom from the same man who won't let his vegetables touch his meat on his dinner plate, what do you think? xo