Acne t-shirt, Bebe leather jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim stamped pony hair trainers, Mandy Coon bunny bag, Karen Walker shades.

Basic, everyday look -- we snapped these out front of my in-laws' house. Their neighborhood is so lovely. The Acne tee has been worn to death. The Phillip Lim "Atomique" trainers were a gift from Bobby for our anniversary. I adore these sneakers. You can find them at Barneys CO-OP ... there is a different color option where the toe cap is teal leopard print, the "body" is the same print that is on the toe cap of my pair, and the leather parts are maroon. Both styles only have a few sizes of each left, so if you &hearts them, don't drag ass! ;)

Junk yard: Margiela powder-coated brass "diamond" ring & cuff, unbalanced wisdom tooth ring and stag shield pendant courtesy of L.S.D., sterling silverware bangle courtesy of Alberto Juan.




T-shirt by Patrick Mohr for Not Just a Label, Proenza Schouler moto booties, Mandy Coon leather bunny bag from Opening Ceremony, Zara cutoffs, unbalanced wisdom tooth ring and stag shield pendant courtesy of L.S.D., sterling & 14kt gold vermeil silverware bangles courtesy of Alberto Juan.

Hello from a hotel in Germantown, Maryland ... my family and I went to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws. They had yet to meet the baby, so this was a particularly special visit. My mother-in-law ordered a Chinese feast and served pie & cake for dessert; my husband and I ate ourselves sick while his parents fought over the little one. It was beautiful times all around.

L.S.D. recently shipped me an extremely generous goody package all the way from New Zealand containing the feeling a little unbalanced ring, which is crafted from a human molar (complete with fillings) set atop oxidized solid sterling. I think this may be my favorite L.S.D. piece. I love the offset placement of the tooth, and like everything else Charlotte makes, the detail is incredible. Each one of these rings are completely unique, as not one tooth is the same. Certain L.S.D. treasures have such an organic feel, and I love that. Also in the package was another insanely cool piece that I will be sharing on here very soon.

I was equally excited when I received these exquisite sterling & 14kt gold vermeil silverware bangles, compliments of Alberto Juan. I always feel like my words sort of fail me when I attempt to describe the all-around superior design aesthetic of Alberto Juan creations. These bangles are beautiful and so wearable. I liked the way they looked juxtaposed with the L.S.D. pieces today -- the delicate, "antiqued" appearance of the bangles next to the macabre, industrial style of the ring and pendant worked (for me, at least), and I got tons of "where did you get your jewelry?"s this morning during a 7-11 coffee run.

I coveted this shirt for awhile; I love the inside-out stitching and the little NJAL cow logo embroidered on the bottom of the white panel. They have some pretty neat duds at that shop.

Off to sleep I go .. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday spent with your favorite people &hearts



Topshop skirt, Rick Owens boots, vintage plaid button-up, vintage Kreator shirt, Karen Walker "Righteous" sunglasses, Juicy Couture trapper hat, Boyy Slash bag.

Leather strap bracelets by Bless, sterling unisex eagle ring courtesy of Alberto Juan, talon ring courtesy of Leviticus. I need a fill-in badly! The Bless bracelets are too cool-- the one with the colored letters is 3-D! From Ooga Booga.

I love these shades by New Zealand designer Karen Walker ... I had seen them on a local girl (weirdly enough) and then again on Rumi, and I thought they looked so neat and unusual. For some reason I always have to take glasses with those nose pads to be adjusted.

The Topshop skirt is actually a maxi that I have hiked up over my ta-tas. I never iron maxi skirts, I just really like the way they look all wrinkled.

Squirrels are abundant around here, and they always eat the pumpkins. Have a good Sunday afternoon. &hearts



Dig this picture with these Celine wedges .. these are probably my favorite pairs of non-boots, but they're extremely hard to walk in. It's weird how some shoes without a platform (like my Ann Demeulemeester wedges) are super easy to walk in, and others that look easy like these shoes are very teetery. I rarely wear them except maybe when Bobby and I are going somewhere nice for dinner and I can hang onto him while others assume I had a few drinks or something ;) Love 'em anyway, and the Celine bags from this season are gorg. We don't drink, for the record .. it makes us both pukey.

1984. He looks very high on cocaine in this photo, but moreso than that I think he was just very excited and full of adrenaline to interview Blue Cheer, which he did that night.

Speaking of my husband, he's leaving to record the heavily anticipated "Last Rites" album in about five days and will be gone for a whole month! This is the longest Bobby and I have been apart since we got married. Our anniversary is on the 24th of this month. I'm a very lucky woman to have known love this way. The past year has been surreal. I remember getting married with just the two of us and a preacher, holding tulips (at least I think they were tulips) he had bought just moments before in the rain, and the way he looked running back to the car with his hair all wet. Afterwards we ate cinnamon pretzels back at the apartment, told stories and laughed. About three weeks later I found out I was pregnant. We were so excited. I wouldn't change anything about Bobby. I hope to be with him when he's incredibly, incredibly old, with a walker, watching our son graduate college.

Sorry for the boring post, Bobby and I are going to see Roky Erickson play tonight since we missed him in Philly .. I'll try to take some pictures. Have a safe weekend &hearts



It's that time of year where I purge some things I haven't worn in several months .. I hate doing this on here, but I hate dealing with eBay even more, so here you have it:

Phi OTK brown platform boots - size 38 - Worn 1x. - $500 (I had originally offered these for cheaper -- due to a ton of people emailing me after my Twitter post and a very confusing bidding war via email, I am now selling these for the highest offer I received thru email .. had no idea they were so coveted!)

Chloe doc tall platform wedge boots, red leather - size 38.5, will fit a 38 or 37.5 (run about 1/2 size small) - moderate wear, these need a minor repair from a cobbler, one of the soles needs a little glue (not sure who to credit the photo collage to -- lmk if you're the owner). - $300 SOLD

Marni platforms, white leather w/ colored stones - size 38, will also fit a 38.5 - worn 1x - $125

Email me at halcoholic@gmail.com if interested. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Please email for a total w/ shipping included. I will ship overseas.

Thanks for looking! &hearts



I love fashion, but I do not consider it a significant part of who I am. I would say what makes me who I am is the unconditional, fierce love I feel for those who are most important to me. I have always been a homebody. I am home when I am with the people I adore the most in this world. The things surrounding me in this dwelling -- the little belongings I see and experience on a daily basis -- are a reminder of the life I have now and what I've gone through to get here: a pair of shoes I was wearing when my husband and I realized we were going to be parents, an old Norwegian knick-knack my mother gave me when I moved into my first apartment, a plush animal I slept with as a child that now sits in my son's crib. I never pictured my life this way ten or even two years ago. I am not sure what I did to deserve the special people with whom I get to share my days, but I try not to ask questions. Life is too short to not cherish and enjoy what matters most to you, whatever that may be.