1800-EAT-SHIT tee c/o Blood is the New Black, leather shorts (?), vintage green leather jacket, UNIF platform boots, Christian Audigier studded nylon & leather bag ... shark tooth pendant on chain c/o Vanessa Mooney, Nosferatu pendant c/o L.S.D., 2-finger hummingbird ring c/o Blood Milk, butterfly skeleton ring in sterling c/o Concrete Polish, "Baphomet" ring c/o Actual Pain.

It's been forever, right? The past couple of months have been crazy between working on finishing up Kaarme collection #03 & being on the road in Europe w/ Pentagram (which was a shit=load of fun -- thanks to all of my readers who came to say hi over there!), but I'm back now. This was just a quickie so I could share one of several awesome gifts Blood is the New Black sent me awhile ago ... speaking of whom, yall can expect a Blood is the New Black x Kaarme capsule collection to arrive in early 2013. Jucify you! Be excited, be-be excited! More soon. x


Lib said...

eeeeek so glad ur posting again! love the top & bag <3 <3 <3

also can u do a "how-to" video on ur makeup & tats? ty xoxoxoxo

Adriana Robles said...

I love the certain style you have in all of your outfits.

Can't wait to see many more!

MILEX said...

you coudn't look any more perfect.

Ursamare said...

Hurray, so glad you're posting again. Way to impress with an eclectic style that's still so distinctly your own. x Ursamare

Anonymous said...

why are you so fucking perfect? and IA with the comment above a makeup video would be awesome. you do that burnt sienna raccoon eye better than anyone i have ever seen. also that jacket is hella cool.

Anonymous said...

love this so much!

Aspyn J. said...

love this outfit! you look like a badass rastafarian lol


Selena said...

you are fucking perfect to me

Anonymous said...


MSK said...

Cannot wait to collab on some tees with ya mama!

Anonymous said...

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goodbadandfab said...

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Ellen Grace said...

Those shoes are fucking amazing, you look gorgeous



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morganvsmorgan said...

I love your shorts, they're badass.

Anonymous said...

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MILEX said...

I am impressed with your sense of style

Bani said...

great shoes!


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lola said...

I love this outfit... So creative, x

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