How amazing is this brass knife necklace from Blood Milk? The piece, which is called joan of arc as duelist part iii and retails at $85.00, is limited edition and features a dueling pistol/real knife pendant (complete with push button release & safety lock) on a vintage bar link chain with a sacred heart rosary connector and an additional small brass pendant at the clasp. I styled a similar piece (the butterfly knife necklace) several weeks ago ... it is by far one of my favorite pendants in my vast collection:

Good news: J.L. Schnabel, the artist behind Blood Milk creations, has been generous enough to offer one of these exquisite pendants to a lucky reader. All you need to do to qualify is:

1) Become a follower of both Halcoholic and the Blood Milk blog on either Bloglovin' or Google friend connect.

2) Comment to this post with your name, email address, and your favorite piece from the Blood Milk webstore.

Only one submission per reader. This giveaway will run for two weeks and all submissions must be made before Friday, July 2. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Sunday, July 4th. Good luck! &hearts


Dustin said...

Dustin Davis
and my favorite piece from the bloodmilk webstore would have to be the bear tooth engagement ring. real tooth version.

Annie Spandex said...

My favorite piece is the Teeth As Runes part ii: http://www.etsy.com/listing/44933817/teeth-as-runes-part-ii
I'm obsessed with golden molar charms.
--Annie Spandex

Amy T said...

Amy Trinh

My favourite piece is the "Harpy ring". It love how wonderfully gothic it is, and how a dull outfit would immediately transform to a statement look. It is effortlessly cool with its simple curved shape. Wow.

Katie said...

WOW that is an insain shop! I love every item :)
the claw necklaces are so cool but there is something so creep/cool about the bear tooth engagement ring. real tooth version. I love the fact that it is a real tooth!


i am going to follow right now! under kshuttle

Anonymous said...

Kimberley Michelle

I love 'The Prophet' necklace.


Anonymous said...

Justyna B. loves the harpy ring....




Jo said...

Jo-Anne B
j underscore balson28@hotmail.com
All the peices are amazing but I think I loved the one you are giving away(joan of arc as duelist) the most!

Nita-Karoliina said...



Hmm.difficult to choose just one..I think there is too many great pieces to just choose one..That what you are offering is oone of them :)

meeyeehere said...

I follow both blogs

Alia said...

Alia Alden


wow. amazing store. my favorite would have to be joan of arc as duelist part iii which is the peace you are giving away. It is so lovely once I saw it I loved it. I'm obbsessed with anything that has to do with joan anyways so maybe thats why? But yes that's my favorite out of all of them.

Anonymous said...

Favorite - sparrow claw ritual necklace

Christina said...

My favorite is the harpy eagle talon necklace. Such a big, fierce, animal artifact statement piece is the dream addition to my animal skull collection.

Cheryl said...


Been wanting the Ouija pendant ever since I heard about Blood Milk on halcoholic!

Anonymous said...


my favorite piece by blood milk is: ghosts in the phonograph. i have an obsession with skeleton keys (so much as to have them tattooed on both knees), and an affinity for "non-traditional" treasures. it's a beauty.

Diya said...



Emily said...

lusting the jewelry.. all such a great color- and that watch! perfect.


Sister Shirley said...


Love so many of these pieces! So happy to have found blood milk. I especially adore the ghosts in the phonograph - the key and empty frame are quite haunting and gorgeous, reminds me of a dark victorian novel.

Katzchen said...



My favorite piece is the black bear claw ritual necklace. It's quite lovely.

shebeen said...


the sweet tombs earrings are my favourite :)

lolo dahling said...

Lori Hedrick
serious toss up between the underworld and harpy ring!!!

Mystery Bruises said...

heyy what a fantastic giveaway, thanks so much for bring this fantastic designer to my attention! there stuff is so awesome!
im already a follower of yours and now i am following Blood Milk too.
my name is Camilla, email: mysterybruises@live.com and my favorite piece would have to be the the Underworld owl skull ring. it is soooo awesome!

thanks for the awesome giveaway, fingers crossed!

Grace said...

Wow, it was a difficult to decide, there are a couple of pieces I really like but I think it has to be "the doom song of the harpy". It was tough but it's really dramatic yet simple.
My name is Grace Cohen and my email is snowycohen@hotmail.com

Thanks for the giveaway! :D

roccamonaut said...

ally roccamo
the blood and thistle ring is to die for.

Juliette said...

My favorite is the ghosts in the phonograph necklace.

-Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo. juliettesicard@yahoo.com

jolette said...

wow amazing stuff...
I really like the underworld. 2 finger owl skull ring, soo coool:D
my name is Jolanda and my e-mail is:
i'm already following you :D

Anonymous said...

I´d like to take part :-D

I don´t have a blog but I follow both halcoholic and bloodmilk on bloglovin! *But I don´t really know how to show that :-O*

My e-mail adress is


and my favorite piece from the shop is the

harpy ring.

But if it is the case that we can only choose from one of the both necklaces above, I´d choose the "joan of arc as duelist part iii" one :-)

san4e said...

All pieces are amazing... I check your blog everyday, but I created my blog a few days ago and now I`m following you...
My name is Stoiana and my e-mail is : sungimungi@gmail.com
my favorite stuff is : ghosts in the phonograph...

Lydia Hudgens said...

Following both of you & always inspired..

Lydia Hudgens @ lydiahudgens@gmail.com

And I would say hands down, oh my, the harpy ring! I have such a huge obsession w/double rings but have never happened across in person or online that I would actually WEAR but that one is just frankly amazing..

NaomiDee said...

my favourite has to be the bear claw ritual necklace

email: naydaga@hotmail.com

oh and im a follower of course! :)

marie said...

Marie, mbliss@lasell.edu, bear tooth engagement ring <3

Bert said...

My favorite is the "Cunning quickness" necklace. I love foxes, and it reminds me of a less expensive piece by Pamela Love.

Bretta<3, themobsterlobster@gmail.com

(following both)

Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

How amazing is this piece Hal!!! I'm obsessed with it as from now!

Name: Flavia
email: flavianam.contactblog@gmail.com
"My favourite Blood Milk piece has to be: The Prophet. I'm a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock and this claw reminds me of his art so bad, very dark and scary but at the same time so beautiful."

[ great giveaway, btw: is it international? if not nevermind it was fun =)]

So Good for Bunnies said...

Name: Abigail

Email: Sogoodforbunnies@gmail.com

Favorite piece of Blood Milk: Definitely the Prophet necklace. It's gritty realism really gives it an edge over any necklace of it's kinda that I've seen before. Saving my pennies for one as we speak!

Anonymous said...

Name: Eavan

Email: sigilliumdiabolixxx@yahoo.co.uk

I'm a follower of both blogs. My favorite piece is the violet light. vampire bat ritual necklace. :)

Allison said...

Allison here (HEINOUSSHREWATGMAILDOTCOM) - following both your blogs now (I've had yours in my reader for months though)!

For me it's a toss up between the snake charmer and the ouija. I think ultimately I'd go with the snake charmer because I've been looking for the perfect earrings to go with my Keerstin Wintrup double wrap snake head belt.

carling said...

the ghost its just scary amazing!;)

Come to see my pics from last week photoshoot on the roof:)

Fashion Nicotine said...

That pistol necklace is insane!! love it!! It's also my favourite piece (.joan of arc as duelist. part iii. limited edition.)

Follow with bloglovin, Natascha, fashionnicotine@gmail.com

chauss said...

i follow both with bloglovin
love the midnight avec marie a. and the patina!
xo chauss

shesgotmotion said...

My favorite is the sparrow claw conjoined ring.
Following both with google friend connect.

6767 said...

I really like the sparrow claw conjoined ring. It is really amazing. But my favorite will have to be the prophet. This must be the perfect necklace.

Patni said...

yajnapatni at gmail dot com
I love the joan of arc piece you are showing, and equally the two lariats with keys.

Rackk and Ruin said...

I LOVE all of J.L. Schnabel's pieces . . . but i must say that the Sparrow Claw Conjoined Ring is my favorite. It's so original and has such a fantastic macabre feel to it. It would do me well to rock some black diamond bling on my fingers!


Anonymous said...

visit me ;D and comment.

Plastic Rosary said...

my favorite is the ouija necklace, everything is beyond lovely but this piece, i've been dreaming of owning and wearing over my own heart.

xoxox hugs & kittens, Crissy


Di said...

I am SUCH a hue Bloodmilk fan! Following them and yourselves on the googlefriend - and facebook.

I find it so impossible to choose a favourite from this shop but if i absolutely had to


this is it. I look at this almost every day and yearn for it so!


Jess said...

Jessie Hunter
My favorite piece at Bloodmilk is the owl claw necklace.

katya said...

My favorite piece is absolutely the owl skull ring. I wish I had a spare $360 lying around, because I would snap it up so fast.
Thank you for this giveaway!

Summer said...


My favorite piece is the teeth as runes pt. ii. I've always had a thing for teeth, and I love the gold and black casting here, as well as the pairing of bear + fox. <3<3 This is nice, I've wanted a BloodMilk piece since I found the blog about a year ago, but there's no way I can afford one yet....

AlxArdnax said...


My favorite piece is persephone's jewel necklace.


Rika Nurrahmah said...

Rika Nurrahmah
Favorite piece: The underworld. Two finger owl skull ring. In-sane!

nebrzozowski said...

My name is Nicole Brzozowski (nbrzzwsk@gmail.com)

Though I do have a thing for owls, I think my favorite piece has to be "midnight avec marie antoinette." It reminds me of home in Europe and it's so exquisite and romantic, just beautiful >w<

Kate said...

kate sumpter (ksumpte1@kent.edu)

it's so hard to choose a favorite piece! i'll have to say the sparrow claw ritual necklace

marynell said...

Marynell Savolainen (marynell@live.it)

I'm totally gone with The Underworld. The ring is absolutely stunning

Anonymous said...

I was falling in love with star crossed lovers ring <3 It's gorgeus!!!

Miia Rantala (miiarant@gmail.com)

Kate Collins said...


Ariel said...

Hello, My name is Ariel Ambrose

My email is monotonouspurgatory@live.com

and my favorite piece is the underworld in gunmetal finish.

Thank you~

Hefe said...

Jeff Tomilloso, here!


I love star crossed lovers ring, i hope there is more to come of those. Maybe some necklace's for them please. :)

Negative Existence said...

Hello. Paige Stevens here.

The best, most evil looking item at bloodmilk has to be the sparrow ritual claw!!