Endovanera cloak, Ann-Sofie Back safety pin top, Actual Pain leggings, Margiela heels, Givenchy bag. All jewelry courtesy of Adelina Mictlan.

I don't have to say much about Adelina Mictlan's new collection; the pieces speak for themselves. Here I am sporting my rose gold 2-finger DOOM ring (this is now available in sterling and black or white powder-coat), my new VI VI VI slave bracelet (how amazing is it?), crescent moon earrings (these come in a larger version as well), and borrowed my husband's ram skull necklace because it goes so well with the rest of the pieces. I kept with the theme by pairing everything with these occult leggings by Actual Pain, and my Margiela "hoof" heels which compliment the rusty rose gold tone of Mictlan's jewelry. The Endovanera cloak always reminds me of that sludge band SUNN O)))))))

We're working hard to get Kaarme's new lookbook online within the next couple of days and have the new pieces available to purchase later on this week. This collection cost so much blood, sweat, and tears but is SO worth it and I have to say I'm very proud. I'll keep yall posted. xo