Trying to post quickly today; I have a very busy day ahead of me filled with lots of exciting tasks like paying bills, writing business proposals for my husband, getting in touch with physicians and my elusive landlady, writing writing and more writing, buying groceries ... the list is interminable.

Free people sweaterdress, Topshop blazer, Chloe wedge boots, Ralph Lauren glasses, Jas M.B. leather tote, Chanel scarf, a shitload of gold chains & rings.

I got a mani-pedi yesterday, and I unwittingly had my nails painted to match the dress I wore that night. L to R: green/gold vintage cocktail ring from Aci Nae, goldtone costume ring from estate sale, black jade ring. The ring finger ring I found on the street yesterday! I brought it to our local jeweler and he told me it is 18k gold with topaz and little diamonds. Pretty lucky birthday surprise!

These Chloe boots are one of only 3 brown pairs of shoes that I own, and they're definitely my favorite of the trifecta. They're very versatile, as they can be worn with casual dresses or skinny jeans and still look appropriate. Unfortunately, I'm still in search of the perfect brown leather bag.

The pentagram pendant & d-ring body chain were gifts from my good friend Summer Adeline. The brass/steel/leather skull necklace was handmade by Wino (The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Saint Vitus, Shrinebuilder) and given to Bobby as a gift.

We went to Continental Midtown last night, which is an old favorite of mine. I always order the spicy mustard shoestring fries to share, and the crab pad thai. The seared ahi tuna is also excellent, but I can't eat raw fish while I'm pregnant.

Obviously, I got sooo drunk off of this virgin Buzz Aldrin. It's normally made with tangerine Smirnoff or something. The Continental has really fun drinks. One of them is blue and comes with Smartees; I forget what they call it. We sat upstairs, which has a lounge and these fun basket seats that are suspended by chains from the ceiling. Unfortunately our photos in there did not come out well, sorry!

Overall, a very fun 24th birthday spent with my love. &hearts

Be sure to check out this month's Decibel magazine, which features an extensive six page editorial on Pentagram. The article, written by J. Bennett, includes plentiful rare photos and an interview with Bobby Liebling, Victor Griffin, Joe Hasselvander, and Martin Swaney about the making of the seminal debut album Relentless, which has been inducted into the Decibel Hall of Fame. You can buy the issue at your local Borders or Barnes and Noble.

Pentagram circa 1983. L to R: Victor Griffin, Joe Hasselvander, Bobby Liebling, Martin Swaney. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Lee. Note: Out of respect to the musicians pictured and their strong beliefs regarding this matter, I'd like to make it explicitly clear that this is an old photo and none of these men currently endorse any blasphemous or anti-Christian imagery or ideals.

Pentagram's Relentless, along with their other albums, can be purchased through Amazon:

The critically acclaimed 1985 classic debut is also being reissued on 180 gram vinyl through Peaceville on May 24th. The limited edition rereleased LP is to be housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and will come with a full-sized A3 poster. You can reserve a copy through the Peaceville website.

Relentless, with its abrasive lo-fi charm and mammoth riffs, is my personal favorite Pentagram release, closely followed by 1987's Day of Reckoning.

The Death Row lineup performing "All Your Sins" in 1983. As usual, footage courtesy of Jeffrey Lee, our endlessly loyal and doggedly supportive close friend. Sincerest thanks to Jeff for his constant willingness to share his jaw-droppingly extensive collection of Pentagram-related media.

Pentagram will be on tour in May, kicking off in Raleigh on May 21st and finishing at the Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore on May 30th.

Enjoy your weekend! xo



Bebe leather moto jacket, Violent Society 1999 tour shirt, Celine wedges, Ann-Sofie Back drip sunglasses, DIY shredded tights, Jas M.B. leather tote

Despite the fact that I desperately need a pedicure (which I am doing first thing tomorrow morning), I couldn't resist wearing my new Celine kicks today.

Simple halter straps with elegant logo buckles complement the towering platforms and freaky negative spaces on these exquisite wedges. I love the impeccably smooth leather, and they look so good juxtaposed with a skinny bottom silhouette. I don't own many shoes that expose the upper part of my foot, so these are quite a refreshing change. By pairing them with printed socks, they can easily transition into the colder seasons. What an awesome birthday gift!

I've said it once and I'll say it again: this massive Jas M.B. shopper was such a great purchase. Today it carried a sweater, my camera, two sunglasses cases, a pair of flats, a Moleskine, and my everyday must-haves (wallet, phone, cosmetics, iPod, etc) with no problem. I have so many black leather bags with silver hardware, so the brassy-gold buckles and zippers on this tote are fittingly understated next to my usual pile of silver accessories. The leather has started to wrinkle and achieved a nice patina from so much use.

I keep on telling myself I should invest in a Rick Owens, but I can't seem to tear myself away from this Bebe moto jacket. I searched years for a leather jacket that would fit me properly; this one is lightweight, snug, and the leather is buttery soft. I'll probably cave into a Rick Owens eventually, but for now, this one is appropriate for semi-cold spring days like today.

My cherished friend JF gave me this Violent Society tour shirt. He wore it for years, so it is perfectly paper-thin. Sorry for the twisted bra strap. We can't win 'em all!

One of the many perks of pregnancy: guiltlessly indulging in McDonald's. Single black surgical steel crucifix earring, Judith Jack sterling silver pendant, steel skeleton key necklace.

Tomorrow is my birthday ... we're planning on just taking it easy and going out to dinner at a fun restaurant. 23 was a deeply significant year for me. I married the best partner I could ever ask for and we're excitedly awaiting the arrival of our first child. I traveled more than I ever have in my life, met so many amazing people, and listened to a ton of crushingly heavy live music. I achieved a lot with my writing and got back in touch with some dear friends. I can only hope that 24 will be equally as incredible!

More soon; sweet dreams! &hearts



This afternoon, our dear friends Demian Fenton and Don Argott from 914 Pictures filmed some footage of us listening to the baby's heartbeat at the doctor's office. The scene will be added to the "Last Rites: The Fall and Rise of Bobby Liebling" documentary, which is set for an early fall release. You can view the official trailer on their website.

Don's film "The Art of the Steal" can be viewed On Demand through Comcast digital cable right now. It was an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival. We're very proud of him and everyone else at 914!

DIY denim vest, white men's tee, American Apparel leggings, Givenchy studded flats, Marc Jacobs bag, Chanel sunglasses, Chrome Hearts necklace, the usual cornucopia of sterling silver/white gold rings & bracelets.

I dressed down today because we had a lot of running around to do: doctor's appointments, errands, other unexciting stuff.

This vest is an old favorite that holds a certain sentimentality for me. I have been trying to incorporate my denim and leather vests into my wardrobe more lately. This one turned up in the back of my closet last night. One of my dearest friends is currently painting a backpiece on the black studded vest that I styled on here months ago. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Chanel aviators from Henri Bendel NYC.

I have been loving these flats. Standout but not too garish, and extremely comfortable. The python print is very complementary to the smooth leather of the toe and the whimsical studwork.

My first post at Max's Kansas City, "Dictators, Dentures, and Punk Rock Dieties," is now up on their blog. Check it out and feel free to leave me some feedback, either over there or on here.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you all so much for your continued support. &hearts



Rick Owens sweater, leather lambswool Topshop jacket, Proenza Schouler boots, Jil Sander sunglasses, Pamela Love rosary + sterling silver crow skull, American Apparel bike shorts, Express fishnet knee-highs, BOYY "Slash" bag.

We had the most dreary weather today. The moisture did not agree with my hair.

I adore this sweater. It is not itchy like mohair and the long sleeves keep your hands warm. Since it is very loosely knit, it really only looks good with black underneath. I wore a perforated Lacoste tank top under it today.

The good thing about today: it was the perfect chilly climate to wear this Topshop jacket from last season. Bobby calls it "the whore coat" because it totally looks like something a 1970s hooker would wear, even in the rain. This is the kind of piece that looks better and achieves more character with age.

My custom BOYY bag is one of those purchases that continues to pay off. Its removable chain and the fact that it can be worn with the snakeskin print or the black side out make it unbeatably versatile. It also has a little outside diagonal zipper pocket and beautifully understated silver hardware embellishments. The only feature I'm not crazy about is the satin interior, because it catches my engagement ring. Regardless, you get a lot of quality for the price and I highly recommend this bag.

These Proenza boots are a joy. The hidden platform provides a considerable amount of comfort, and the pebbled leather is exquisite. What is going on with my lips here? Undoubtedly me talking to Bobby through my teeth: "Adjust the fucking lens..."

Frog knuckle ring, armor ring, Pamela Love cross, single surgical steel crucifix earring. I have another one of these earrings that I plan on giving away on here in the near future.

These Jil Sander shades were an impulse buy from Net-A-Porter that I am really happy with. The frames are matte and they have a little subtle chrome logo on the arms.

My 24th birthday is on Thursday, and this weekend Bobby surprised me with these luscious Celine wedges as an early bday gift:

I'm very excited to wear them this season. They're so different than any of my other shoes, and I have a fairly sizable collection of wedges. Those monstrous platforms and weird negative spaces? These will be a summer staple for sure. He knows me all too well!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. xo



Summer is nigh, and even though it always saddens me to put my tall leather boots on hiatus, I'm looking forward to wearing these:

These black python print studded flats from Givenchy will surely come in handy on those days I just want to throw on cutoffs and a t-shirt, which will probably be most days this summer. Third trimester pregnancy and PA humidity are not a match made in heaven. I like how Givenchy strays away from just standard pyramid and cone studs and utilizes the little stars and bursts. If you're OD'd on black, these also come in a white version with tooled leather gores or a pinky-nude version, both with gold studs instead of silver.

It's been interesting to see how clogs have gone through a sudden metamorphosis from socially unacceptable to trendy as hell. The hideous clogs of olde are nothing like the stunning ones that have dominated the fashion market this season (or anything like Crocs, thank god). These Miu Miu halter clogs are made for airy gauze frocks and blue skinny jeans. I've always been a sucker for a wooden sole; luckily these have rubber on the bottom for at least a minimal amount of traction. If you're loving them but aren't a fan of blue, they also come in red or white satin and a brown suede version. Plus, what girl doesn't like to show off a cute pedicure during the warm seasons? Unless you have ugly feet, of course.

What kind of footwear do you guys plan on donning this summer?



Hello all. I don't normally do this on here, so I don't feel the need to make a separate sales blog, but I am doing a little spring cleaning and am offering a few items to you readers. I don't really like selling on eBay anymore, so I'm doing it directly through here. And considering the dismal economy, I'm offering this stuff on the cheap because I'm just trying to lighten our load a little bit before we move. What I have available includes:

Society For Rational Dress tan suede gladiator flat sandals w/ wooden soles. Size 38/8. These are padded and very comfy. Worn 1x, show minimal wear on the soles. $100

Y's Yohji Yamamoto waxed cotton/linen hat, black with black polka dots. New. $50

This Alexander McQueen black wool/silk/viscose turtleneck in a size 38 (XS/S). Worn once here. Dry clean only. You can see this shirt with better photography and different views HERE. $90

I also have THIS Comme des Garcons XL red satin ruffled cocoon bag available, which has never been carried. It kills me to sell this! $200

Please email at halcoholic@gmail.com if interested, with shipping inquiries, or any other questions you may have.

P.S. Any size 11 ladies here? Check out these sweet vintage american flag platform boots on eBay right now:

Have a good evening! xo



Obesity & Speed dress, Chrome Hearts tank top & necklace, Tripp NYC striped shorts, Marc Jacobs leather bag, Acne wedges, Pamela Love and other custom sterling silver, Ann-Sofie Back sunglasses

I allow myself two or three coffee treats a week. Dark cherry mocha is very tasty, even though I'm not a huge fan of mocha. Bobby always gets a white chocolate with peppermint.

This little cat is not ours. He's a street cat named Buddy who likes to hang around and get fed. Unfortunately he harasses Peaches and can't come inside the house.

These remain the most difficult shoes to walk in that I own I take that back, my otk Phi boots are just begging for my ankles to be broken. However, I've gotten pretty good at it. Acne makes really beautiful footwear. My pair is in the "gunmetal" color scheme; the Acne website now offers a lighter gray color with different satin on the bottoms, among other fascinating and unique designs from this season. I love how they are subtly sueded and have really thin cord laces.

This nice long scarf was a gift from my little cousins. It is intricately embroidered instead of printed. I think it is from Neiman's.

It was windy outside this afternoon. Luckily I found this leather headband at the bottom of my purse. I forget where it is from; maybe Forever 21?

I'll try to get a better photo of this Chow-Chow next time I see her around. She's so adorable! I love wrinkly dogs.

Bobby hates this dress. He says it looks like I got caught on a barbed wire fence. Regardless, it has become a heavily-rotated basic in my wardrobe, along with my other various Obesity & Speed pieces.

We had glorious weather today in Philly.

I got this Marc Jacobs bag about two years ago and it has held up beautifully. The MBMJ line is hit or miss ... this bag is not only of exquisite quality, but very durable and functional as well. The chunky hardware, thick pebbled leather, roomy front pocket with magnetic closure, and crossbody shoulder strap make it my go-to black bag over most of my others. The cute retro-inspired blue and red lining is an additional plus. I've been using a purple Marc Jacobs billfold lately as well. My husband has the same one in pink (lol). We picked them up in Vegas.

Can someone please help me with the maternity sizing for the jeans on Topshop.com USA? I NEED a pair of cute jeans but I don't understand the sizing at all. The size of my legs/butt hasn't changed, but none of my pants can fit my belly. I don't know if the sizing for those pants with the black belly band is different than the low-rise maternity pants, but that black band is outrageously hideous! Topshop has nice jeans for pregnant ladies that have a low-rise waistline without that ridiculous band, and are nice and fitted in the leg area. That's what I'm talking about!

I watched this movie called Temple Grandin the other night. Claire Danes plays the lead role, which is great because I hadn't seen her in anything since Shopgirl. I highly recommend the film. It is about an autistic woman who became a leading authority on livestock and the efficiency of slaughterhouses. It co-stars David Strathairn, who is an amazing actor, not to mention incredibly hot. I also watched this harrowing film called The Poker House which is directed by Lori Petty and is apparently based on her upbringing. Selma Blair plays one of the lead roles. Both movies can be found On Demand right now if you have Comcast digital cable.

My first blog post at Max's Kansas City will be up in the next few days. Hope you're all relaxing on this Monday evening. xo