Ann Demeulemeester triple-lace boots, gifted Obesity & Speed "Even Death Can Die" t-shirt, Topshop knee-highs & garter, Zara cutoffs, vintage 1970s silk blend kimono, vintage Balenciaga sunglasses, Alexandra Cassaniti money bag w/ fur tail, Antti Asplund Block mirrored cross pendant, gifted sterling skull ring by Alberto Juan, Margiela matte black brass ring & cuff, gifted eye tooth/hair earring by L.S.D..

Late-term pregnancy + record-breaking heat = cutoffs and t-shirts, so I apologize for the delay in posting! Since the MeineLiebe inventory is coming very impressively into fruition (I've also been ridiculously busy with this) and I want to get a few good new posts in before I deliver baby boy, I thought I'd share my ensemble today ... I'm particularly excited about the jewelry.

This massive (and dangerously heavy) sterling skull ring by Alberto Juan is a true masterpiece in both craftsmanship and design alike; inspired by post-punk street style of the early '90s (and according to designer Bruce Snell, not to be taken too seriously -- just a tough, quirky statement piece), Alberto Juan has once again managed to produce a must-have accessory for any statement sterling enthusiasts like myself. This ring, though monstrously heavy and somewhat macabre, has a certain whimsy I can't quite put my finger on. I will, however, be putting this ring on my finger like, every day. It also comes in a 14k gold-plated version (which is just as striking) and can be purchased at the Alberto Juan webshop.

I absolutely adore this powder-coated "diamond" brass cuff/ring set by Margiela; so quirky & simplistic in its design, yet so unmistakably Margiela.

This 70s kimono was given to me by my mother-in-law and is a heavily rotated piece in my wardrobe. I'm such a sucker for poly/silk blend 70s apparel. It has such a lovely cut and is so functional in both summer and winter ... I thought it complemented my much-loved Ann D triple-lace boots very well (I was going to opt for a pair of purple satin Proenza Schouler slingbacks w/ sculpted heels instead -- I've yet to style these on the blog -- but they were a little "too much" paired with the kimono).

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support in this joyous (albeit very hectic!) time in my and my husband's life; I vow to continue updating as often as possible, before and after our son arrives! Much love & have a wonderful weekend &hearts



Ann-Sofie Back "Drip" shades, Pentagram tour shirt, American Apparel leggings, Miu Miu halter clogs, Comme des Garcons red silk hobo bag, leopard print scarf (?)

Junk pile: (rings L to R, top photo): gifted sterling antiqued eagle knuckle ring by AlbertoJuan, gifted sterling falcon skull ring by Blue Bayer, custom sterling "shield," Chanel sterling/ivory cocktail ring, matte black Margeila "engagement" ring, custom sterling/onyx ring, gifted black gold/sterling talon ring by Leviticus. Bracelets: various custom sterling chains, custom sterling "squiggle" cuff by Donald Pywell. Necklace: Foti by Chrome Hearts, leather/sterling.

This Comme des Garcons bag I was originally going to sell because I don't carry it much, but lately it's come in handy when I need an unexpected addition of color to an otherwise monotone outfit. I love the cocoon shape and the black ruffles ... surprisingly, the satin material holds up beautifully while carrying my usual cornucopia of junk on a regular basis.

I wear these clogs every chance I get, even if I am in desperate need of a pedicure. They're so appropriately retro kitschy-cool, and even at over eight months pregnant, are still relatively comfortable.

More soon ... baby is ready to come out any day now, so we've been so busy getting his nursery together, etc. Thank you once again to all of your sweet emails and well-wishes. Your continued support means the world! &hearts



Bobby's plaid button-up, custom MeineLiebe prototype black silk blend dress/shirt, Acne wedges, Linda Farrow x Charles Anastase shades, Alexandra Cassaniti money bag.

Junk pile: gifted eye tooth/hair earring, sterling stag shield pendant & equals ring by L.S.D., gifted sterling falcon skull ring by Blue Bayer, gifted sterling antiqued eagle knuckle ring by AlbertoJuan, custom sterling/lapis ring, sterling/onyx frog knuckle ring, Pamela Love cross ring, custom white gold/amethyst pinkie ring, custom sterling "shield," Juicy Couture watch.

Today was my baby shower; it was so much fun and everyone gave us such beautiful gifts. I actually wore my Chanel booties to the shower because they're more comfortable, but I had the Atacomas on this morning. We love sitting on the back porch off of our new backyard and having our morning coffee ... such a nice change from the deck at our old place that overlooked construction scaffolding.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! More soon. &hearts



Leather/lucite Chanel booties, Obesity and Speed shreddy dress, DIY Death shirt, Y-3 leather clutch, Alexandra Cassaniti money bag, various accessories:

Gifted sterling silver eagle knuckle/thumb ring by AlbertoJuan, custom sterling "shield," gifted double-finger dagger chain ring by Ferociter, gifted sterling falcon skull ring and sterling ram skull pendant by Blue Bayer, gifted black gold/sterling talon ring by Leviticus, Pamela Love cross ring, Robert Lee Morris x Andy Warhol $$$ earrings, custom silver leather/glass watch.

I thought an appropriate way to return to regular posting would be to shoot these spectacular Chanel booties in our new bamboo jungle/backyard. These shoes arrived from Jayne (Stop it Right Now) just today, and both Bobby and I are totally in awe of them.

The lucite heel, silver leather, and clear vinyl cut-outs against the color-blocking make for a really exquisite bootie out of which I can see myself getting a lot of wear. Not to mention, they're very comfortable. Thanks, Jayne!

The double-finger dagger chain ring was a gift from Ferociter. I'm very excited about this piece; it is subtle yet totally unique, and allows for complete movement of the fingers (as a matter of fact, I don't even notice it's there).

The sterling silver eagle knuckle ring was a gift from AlbertoJuan, an independent one-man jewelry label that caught my eye when I got a load of his outstanding collection of sterling ram head pieces. The craftsmanship and quality is impeccable, down to the detail on the feathers and the careful oxidization.

Bruce, the man behind AlbertoJuan, was generous enough to send me this stunning piece and also give me a comprehensive interview focusing on everything from the inspiration behind his designs, his internship-gone-wrong with David Yurman, and where he'd like to see AlbertoJuan in the future:

1. How long have you been designing jewelry and when did you start Alberto Juan?
I've been designing jewelry since middle school; about 6th grade. I remember making jewelry from different color electrical wire and glass seed beads. Also from natural coral and other things that I found like hemp. In June of 2007, the first collection of ram motif jewelry was cast, and in early 2008, I incorporated the Alberto Juan LCC.

2. Why did you name your label Alberto Juan?
Alberto Juan became an alternate name for me as I searched to re-identify with my spanish heritage, so in middle and high school Spanish classes I used it as my name. Throughout those years many of my Spanish and Latin friends used to call me variations of that name. When it came time to incorporate, it felt very natural to use it to reflect my perception of design.

Sterling-plated and 14kt-plated skull rings.

3. From where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
I draw my inspiration from my passion in capturing the beauty of different real periods from the distant past to modern times -- recreating them fresh, modern, and timeless.

4. What was the biggest challenge you faced since launching AJ and how did you overcome this challenge?
The biggest challenge in launching Alberto Juan was accepting that I wasn't in control of all aspects of my company, because I am only one person. I want it to be a true reflection of how I feel about the way people should wear jewelry and the way I have overcome this feeling is by simply letting go and trusting that as opposition comes an opportunity will arise to meet that adversity.

Sterling & 14kt-plated rhino horn rings.

5. What is your favorite piece in your current line and why?
It's so hard to pick a piece that's a favorite at any given time, because alot of my jewelry has an ancient significance that we all relate to at different points in our lifetime.

6. You have a lot of ram head pieces in your collection; what compelled you to utilize the ram in these pieces? Was it simply the aesthetic appeal, or is there more to it than that?
Designing jewelry really came out of my search for Divine truth and spirituality. As I researched the ancient Egpytian religion, I realized how the ram was a representation of the God of all Gods, as well as a symbol of many crucial principles of society: defense, war, and fertility. After visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, I realized how many other cultures, like the Greeks and the Romans utilized the ram as a symbol in art, jewelry, and religion. This overwhelmingly convinced me how my first collection had to be the ram and how great the need is for it to stay alive today.

Sterling silver large ram head cuff with antique finish.

7. Which independent jewelry designer do you feel should receive more recognition? Which artist (independent or not) do you feel is totally overrated?
It's hard for me to say, which independant jewelry designer I believe deserves more recognition because my design aesthetic is very different from most other jewelry designers that I know and I weigh recognition based on design point of view. As for jewelry companies that I believe are over rated or not reasonably priced, though I don't like to focus on negativity I must say I'm not impressed with David Yurman design. Mainly, because I had the invitation to work with his head designer several years ago for a free internship. She was very rude, impersonal, moody, and self serving. I decided that no internship especially a free one was worth being talked to like a dog no matter where the experience was coming from, so I quit after only 3 days. Her attitude was an exact opposite representation of what a balanced, artistic, and cultured person's should be.

8. On what type of customer do you see your designs being worn?
My customer base changes with each collection as well as with my one of a kind pieces. My one-of-a-kind pieces are designed for celebrity clients and event-goers. My regular casted and custom pieces are for the more everyday lifestyle. I love this well-rounded diversity of service.

Sterling silver double-headed ram coil ring.

9. If you could pick one person in the world to wear your designs, who would it be?
This is a hard one...but at the same time it's very easy. I'd pick the general public as whole entity to wear my pieces. I want the regular everyday person to relate to pieces of my jewelry from various collections and incorporate them into their daily life. Being a part of someone's real life and having them live in my jewelry continues to bring me the greastest satisfaction.

10. Where do you see Alberto Juan in 2 years and what do you hope for in the future?
I hope Alberto Juan continues to grow and is housed in many independantly owned stores, as with it's diversity I hope it's sold on a multi-faceted level from department store level to one on one, piece by piece.


Thanks again to Bruce for his beautiful gift and honest, endearing interview. To see more of his designs, you can shop AlbertoJuan on Etsy.

Thanks to everyone for your patience in waiting for a proper post and your continued support; more soon! &hearts