- DIY studded vest
- Fiorentini & Baker 7040 boots
- Ray-Ban glasses
- Margiela powder-coated brass "diamond" cuff & ring
- Pamela Love cross ring
- repurposed circuit board jewelry (earring, necklace, ring) courtesy of Sparkover

I've resurrected some old school stylings lately, as they're the easiest to wear, fall asleep in, and wear again the next day -- perfect for baby duty. The vest is a neverending work in progress and I did not do the stud work; my dear friend Josh studded it little by little for a good year or so. It is denim painted with black acrylic that ended up looking sort of like cracked leather. Surprisingly, it's very lightweight and comfortable. Not sure how many studs are on this. I've had the boots forever.

I have been loving my Sparkover pieces lately -- whenever I wear these out, I'm constantly asked about them (I've given out a ton of Sparkover cards since I received these designs). I'm really excited to be able to host this giveaway, as Jaci has been generous enough to offer one of her circuit board rings to one of my lucky readers:

I have the same ring, which is high-quality sterling silver and has a nice, thick adjustable band. All of the little details of the circuit board make for such a unique design.

Here are the rules:

1) Subscribe to Halcoholic with either Bloglovin' or Google friend connect
2) After browsing the Sparkover etsy shop, comment to this post with your email address and your favorite piece from the shop.

The giveaway will run until Friday, October 29 and will end on that day at 11PM Eastern time. The winner will be chosen using Random.org and announced Monday, November 1st. This giveaway is open to all readers, but please do not try to enter via email -- your entry will not count.

Good luck &hearts



Watch by La Mer. Shoes L to R: Versace and YSL from Net-a-Porter, Viktor and Rolf from La Garconne.

I'm into the purple/blue suede trend for this season. Though, I wouldn't turn my nose up at those black leather Viktor and Rolf boots.

Little Bobby

This weekend we are taking the baby to visit his Liebling grandparents. I have some pieces to share with you guys within the next few days, and a very cool giveaway courtesy of Sparkover. Check out the designs in the meantime, which are all made utilizing repurposed circuit board parts:

circuit board necklace by Sparkover

The artist was generous enough to send me 3 extremely awesome pieces that will be featured in my next post.

I also filmed a makeup tutorial due to lots of reader requests, but it turned out very hectic and disorganized (lol), so I might be filming another one. Maybe I'll just share the nutsy one anyway.

I'll be sure to snap some photos of our mini-trip this weekend and show you all how I deal with traveling/packing up with the little one. Hope the weekend treats you well! &hearts



Vintage Hendrix shirt, vintage distressed leggings, Linda Farrow x Charles Anastase shades, Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, BOYY Slash bag. Accessories: Pamela Love rosary & cross ring, ram head necklace courtesy of Summer Adeline, vintage cross, tea rose knuckle ring courtesy of Heist, all other rings vintage sterling.

I know I have been really slacking on regular posting. I promise I am going to make more of an effort now that the baby is in a good routine at home. I am amped on my new JC Litas, which were a gift from the hubby. I really like this khaki color. The shade is subtle enough to match with everything (like my burgundy Ann D boots). These are very comfortable and provide for a stable walk. The leather is also really nice for the reasonable price point. I know I'm the 400th blogger to style these in a post, but they're selling like crazy for a reason!

The tea rose knuckle ring was one of two pieces sent to me from Heist. I really love Heist's designs. The artist, Tiffany, offers the coolest personalized rings and necklaces I have ever seen. The majority of the pieces have a sort of brushed silver finish. Tiffany explains that she uses something called .999 fine silver, which is a clay-like medium containing small particles of precious metals. When fired, the clay burns away and the metal is left behind. Neat! The ring has never turned me green and is of exquisite quality. I will be styling the other piece soon -- it is very special to me for a particular reason :)

Much thanks to Charli and Studded & Stoned for their interview with me ... be sure to take a peek at their shop, they have some pretty hot accessories!

Happy weekend! &hearts