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Clockwise from top left: Alexander Wang platform boots via Colette, Kokon To Zai beetlejuice heels, KTZ devil muscle shirt from Bitching and Junkfood, Wild Fox faux fur & leather jacket by Lirfons at Not Just A Label, Jeffrey Campbell "Stevie" boots via Nasty Gal, Givenchy crown of thorns necklace, Rodarte bracelet for Opening Ceremony, Acne resort 2011 leather boots, Alexander Wang flame clutch, the Black And White T-Shirt by Patrickmohr for Not Just A Label, Robert Clergerie wedges, DOOM 2-finger knuckle ring by Adelina Mictlan.



vintage Burzum shirt (thanks Kristin!), Topshop maxi skirt, Phi boots, Chanel aviators, Blood Milk 2-finger hummingbird skull ring, gifted cascading bullet necklace by Fringe, DIY leather & bone necklace, bamboo cuff, BOYY Slash bag.

The lovely artists responsible for Fringe Collection recently sent me three stunning neckpieces -- this bullet "bib" being one of them. This is probably my favorite out of the three. So much thought was put into this design. In the faux fur-lined box in which the piece arrived, it appeared shapeless and odd; when clasped on the neck, it takes on the "cascading" shape and lays so beautifully. The bullet casings are strung on invisible cord to give the illusion that the piece is floating. The black piece around my neck is the neckline to my t-shirt, not part of the necklace; I sliced it underneath at the seam. Anyway, Fringe is currently offering some of the most unique creations I have ever seen. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and the artists utilize a lot of uncommon materials like stone, wood, seed pods, and more "organic" found objects. Their work is so different from what is trendy right now in terms of jewelry, yet simultaneously current, and extremely beautiful. I've gotten so many compliments on this piece. This is definitely a line to keep an eye on ... I'm dying for the faux bear skin rug they offer in a medley of custom colors to lay on our bedroom floor. I'll style the other two Fringe necklaces soon. The bone necklace is my own DIY piece; just some bleached bones with drilled holes strung on a leather cord. I've been meaning to sew these bones onto a jacket or vest for awhile, but haven't gotten around to it.

I love these Phi boots .. they're extraordinarily comfortable. I'm so bummed Phi isn't around anymore. The Burzum shirt was a gift from a dear friend in Pittsburgh, who gave me a massive amount of super-soft, worn-in band shirts when I was on tour and Pentagram passed through there. I've been meaning to send her a huge package in return, but I keep on finding new stuff I want to send her as we continue to unpack boxes in our new place. I promise I'll send it soon, Kristin! xo

My due date is tomorrow and I'm SO ready to have this baby ... Bobby and I are both overjoyed and very excited. I promise to keep posting throughout this very hectic, very special time in our lives. There are a lot of exciting developments in the remote future of this site and MeineLiebe. I thank all of you once again for all of the endless support and encouragement. I'm so glad so many of you enjoy the blog and I'm confident in MeineLiebe's designs and what we'll be offering for fall. I'll keep you all posted; have a safe, fun Saturday night. &hearts



Rodarte t-shirt, Alexander Wang sweatpants, Rick Owens boots, vintage flannel, BOYY Slash bag, DKNY shades.

Junk pile: Gifted sterling unisex eagle and XL skull rings by Alberto Juan, oxidized sterling 2-finger hummingbird skull ring courtesy of Blood Milk, Forever 21 cross ring, Margiela powder-coated brass "diamond" bracelet & ring, gifted 2-finger chain ring w/ crosses by Ferociter, Swiss Army watch, gifted essence of two earring by L.S.D., sterling/onyx rosary thumb ring, gifted sterling falcon skull ring by Blue Bayer, Marc Jacobs necklace w/ Erica Weiner & other custom charms.

These Alex Wang sweatpants have been a lifesaver during pregnancy; I never bothered buying any maternity clothes and just stuck to comfortable basics that I can wear post-pregnancy as well. These and my 3 Topshop maxi skirts have been my alternating bottoms lately. I threw them on yesterday with my Rick Owens fin wedges and my Radarte tee to run some errands.

I just recently discovered that the detachable chain strap on my BOYY bag can be clipped up to be made short. I like it better long, but that's still pretty cool regardless; I think this may be my favorite leather bag. It's smaller than my other bags (which prevents me from hauling around too much useless shit) and ridiculously versatile. This is what my hair looks like when I just wash it, brush it out, and let it air dry. I like it better wavy, but I've been slummin' it a lot recently. Having a ton of long hair in this humid weather is totally not fun, and I always fantasize of chopping it all off into a boy-cut. However, I'd probably just look like a little Dutch boy and would regret it terribly, thus I suffer with all of this hair.

Cutting it short today -- I need to finish up a few DIY projects for the nursery. We've been racing against the clock trying to get everything done before baby decides to arrive ... which hopefully is soon, because I can't carry this big belly around in this heat for much longer! Be well. &hearts



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Left to right, top to bottom: Rick Owens leather jacket, TopShop a/w '10 leather spiked hat, Givenchy Pandora, Eddie Borgo beartrap ring (rose gold or silver plz), Proenza Schouler f/w '10 boots (duh), ridiculously large and amazing Westwood tote, Di$count ring for Meadowlark, green Westwood clutch, Proenza Schouler "paper bag" tote, Alex Wang Diego bucket bag, Phillip Lim two-tone leather jacket w/cuff detail, DSquared spine boots (DUH).

Random black & whites fyvp ...

Chanel aviators, custom surgical steel crucifix earring

custom tie-dyed silk blend cardigan hoodie, Topshop dress, Jil Sander shades, Phi boots, Jas M.B. leather shopper, H&M scarf, the prophet bronze owl claw pendant courtesy of Blood Milk

vintage Hendrix Experience shirt, various accessories

DIY patched denim vest, Givenchy studded flats, Marc Jacobs bag

I'm working on modifying a pretty sick studded vest ... just need to get the back "artwork" finished. Once it's completed, I'll share. More soon; have a fantastic Tuesday! &hearts

EDITED TO ADD: I am selling these fantastic Proenza Schouler purple satin slingbacks that are BRAND NEW and will come with their original box. I don't like hocking things on here, but I can't deal with eBay's ridiculousness right now. These are gorgeous with sculpted heels and peep-toes with a halter-style buckle on the back straps. It pains me to sell these but they're just a little too small for me (late term pregnancy=swollen feet). Size 38, will fit a 37.5 best. $200. Email halcoholic@gmail.com if interested. Thank you!



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I'll have a proper post up soon; we just got a new car and have been going through all of the tedious processes of making it legal. Anyone who lives in PA knows how difficult they make it to drive legally in the state!

For now, can anyone tell me where I can purchase a pair of these magnificent Wunderkind a/w '10 shoes? These are definitely in my top 3 most-wanted for a/w '10; the other two being Proenza Schouler (ALL) and the DSquared spine booties. Though if I had to choose, I think I can sincerely say I'd choose those incredible fucking voodoo-weird mask shoes. xo