"Disneylamb" muscle tee courtesy of UNIF layered under Rick Owens cropped cardigan & my own DIY Vice Squad sleeveless hoodie; Zara cutoffs, Givenchy bag, Karen Walker sunglasses, gold leopard print creepers by Demonia.

UNIF recently shipped me a very generous care package (thank you, Eric and Christine!), and it included their "Disneylamb" shirt design. There has yet to be a UNIF piece on which I've laid my eyes and didn't adore.

stag shield necklace courtesy of L.S.D.

Everything about their t-shirts is perfect: they're appropriately threadbare and distressed in a very authentic-looking way, they fit beautifully due to the thin [combed?] cotton, and their prints just straight up fucking rule. I love the hot pink of the pentagram against the white of the shirt, Mickey's inverted cross body, and how his hands are (I think) throwing the horns -- though his thumbs are out, so maybe he's sign language-ing "love" to us. Either way, I am buttfunky in love with this print.

Rings from L to R: custom pinkie rings, sterling/onyx frog, sterling/lapis large stone, sterling "equals" ring courtesy of L.S.D., sterling "feeling a little unbalanced" ring courtesy of L.S.D., talon ring courtesy of Leviticus, Pamela Love cross ring.

I haven't owned a pair of creepers in 6+ years -- the last pair I had were white, thick-soled, and I had splattered red acrylic paint on them to make them look like I had been present at the scene of a gruesome homicide (or committed the homicide myself, since I thought I was such a badass with my green hair and 8 gauge septum ring) and they had been sprayed with blood. A ridiculous concept in retrospect, but they actually looked pretty cool. However, I was still primarily a Docs, Chucks, and Vans girl, so the bloody creepers were sold online.

However, when my husband and I were e-shopping for stage boots for him, I stumbled across these gold leopard print creepers, and fell in love. I don't have many flats that are appropriate for the winter or walking around in snow/sludge, and these were very reasonably priced, so I had to have them: the perfect hybrid of geek and gaud. They're by Demonia, and they also come in purple, red, and blue, for those of you who want a pair of these uglies to call your own..

I had mentioned on my Twitter, in response to some people who had asked me about the MeineLiebe project, that I made the decision awhile ago to respectfully withdrawal my association with the line. When I initially decided to launch my own line, I made a vow to myself that I would not rush production or take any short-cuts in the design process for the sake of saving time and/or money, compromise my vision or "settle for less" by using cheap materials for the sake of saving time and/or money, and most importantly, I would not try to sell an inferior design to customers at an outrageous markup. My mantra was and still is: no design is finalized unless I would wear it myself with pride on a regular basis. With all due respect, I just did not feel my partners at MeineLiebe and I had the same creative vision; therefore, I deferentially stepped out of the project, and am no longer associated with MeineLiebe.

However, my departure from the MeineLiebe line does not mean the end of RTW and accessories designing for me. A very gifted artist, who is a "think outside of the box" kind of individual, and I will be launching our own line, consisting of unisex RTW, jewelry and other accessories. We have only had a handful of meetings thus far, and already designs are going into production. My partner in this project and I have very similar creative visions, and witnessing them amalgamate and materialize into kick-ass designs is fulfilling and incredible beyond words. We hope to have our webshop up with pieces for sale around late March to mid-April. We do have a name for the line already, but I'll save that for the next post.




Ann Sofie-Back safety pin shirt, "Bitches be Trippin'" collar by Dimepiece, Marséll patent leather laceless brogues, Juicy Couture pants, blue suede H&M cropped moto jacket, Givenchy Pandora bag, sterling plated skull ring courtesy of Alberto Juan.

I flipped when I saw these Dimepiece collars. I got a black one with white crosses, and couldn't resist this one either. When my friend Josh first saw me wearing one of these, he laughed his ass off: "Is that a fake collar?! Like a dickie?!" But seriously, these go with everything -- well, maybe everything except dresses, but I rarely wear dresses.

I've had this suede moto jacket for eons. It's one of those pieces out of which I don't get much wear, but I love it so much that I could never part with it. It's the most unusual shade of blue; I guess I'd classify it as periwinkle. I felt it suited this ensemble today, for whatever reason. I think it adds to the intentional goofiness of the "Bitches Be Trippin'" collar. I hate it when people are all like "I NEVER try to be ironic in the way I dress! Fashion is ~serious business~" Come on, guys -- it's clothes. What's the deal with everyone wanting to look "timeless"? Sure, I own some stuff I'd consider timeless, but most of my things have playful elements. Hey, I'm milking my youth as long as I possibly can, and that does not entail wearing skirt suits.

I LOVE Marséll. Love. Interestingly enough, I've had these shoes for over a year now. Just recently have I felt it was the "right" time to start wearing them, nomsane? They are truly stunning -- the distressing on the white patent leather has sort of an indigo hue, and they have just the right amount of extra toe space so they look appropriately dorky, but not like I'm preparing to enroll in clown training. Not that there's anything wrong with being a clown, but if you are a clown, you should go all out. So clowns, these are not the right shoes for you. And even if you felt they were, sorry ... they're from several seasons ago.

Against my will, these shoes are the only Marséll I own. A year ago, I ordered a gorgeous black leather backpack that was stolen by a temporary UPS worker (along with *that* Christopher Kane atomic print dress). It pains me to even type this story, because that backpack and incredible dress would be in my closet RIGHT THIS SECOND had some UPS worker not gotten greedy around the 2009 holiday season. So, thanks, UPS asshole. If you ever feel like returning the items to me or even apologizing, feel free to shoot me an email. I'll hold my breath until you do! :D

Ann Sofie-Back never fails to astound me. I got this relatively simple little number from one of my favorite online stores, Stand Up Comedy. Obviously what sold me on it was the gigantic safety pin on the front, which makes the piece drape on the wearer's body in a really unique way. When I first ordered this, I was worried the safety pin would eventually rip large holes in the fabric (which is ~silkeh~ soft, by the way). Silly me for thinking ASB could produce anything even remotely inferior -- the holes where the safety pin enters are re-inforced, sort of grommet-style, but done in fabric because grommets on a t-shirt are yucky. Point being, this piece is a must-have basic for me, and I fucking love it.

Trip on, bitches &hearts



"Channeling" shirt courtesy of UNIF, Stolen Girlfriends Club croc-embossed leather detail jeans, vintage 70s custom embroidered denim jacket, Ann Demeulemeester triple lace burgundy boots, Givenchy large Pandora bag in black.

Junk yard: Pamela love dagger rosary, Nosferatu pendant courtesy of L.S.D., sterling plated large skull ring courtesy of Alberto Juan, sterling large lapis stone ring, sterling "armor" knuckle ring w/ rectangular sterling & onyx ring, sterling & onyx frog knuckle ring, Pamela Love cage ring, black gold talon ring courtesy of Leviticus, sterling falcon skull ring courtesy of Blue Bayer. Large sterling "squiggle" cuff custom design by Donald Pywell; all others custom designs or Tiffanys.

The holidays are over and I have to admit, I'm pretty grateful. I love being around my family during the holidays and especially witnessing my little boy experiencing xmas for the first time, but I'm pretty much all bah-humbug in my old age. Then I was shocked into a spiritual metamorphosis and emerged as Changed Scrooge after I saw what Santahusband had left for me under the tree:

... this spectacular Givenchy Pandora bag. My Bobby picked this up at Joan Shepp. If you've been reading this blog since its inception, you know I've been lusting after this no. 1 stunna since I first laid eyes on it at ... what a coincidence, it was at Joan Shepp! It is truly the most impeccable, breathtaking bag in the world. The single handle instead of two handles may be too unconventional for some, but it totally makes sense. I hate trying to shove two shorter handles up on my shoulder, only to have them slip down seconds later. The single strap also makes the bag "sit" properly when carried in the crook of the wearer's arm (which I still do, and evidently that's totally gauche now, but fuck it). It also features a detachable long strap so the bag can be carried messenger style, or just thrown o'er your shoulder [like a Continental soldier]:

This is *the* holy grail of bags for me. The design is beyond perfect. The roomy main compartment fits everything from my cornucopia of sunglasses to my kids' bottles, bibs, and clean diapers. It also has a large front compartment where I keep my phone, keys, Orajel, Bonne Bell Lip Smackers etc. for easy access. The crinkled leather and high grade hardware would survive the apocalypse, and the gold Givenchy emblem is subtle enough that it doesn't scream, "LOOK AT ME I AM A GIVENCHY BAG, SUCK IT FAUX LOUIS VUITTON IN FRONT OF ME IN LINE AT THE CVS PHARMACY!" because I really don't want a bag that screams that; I just want a bag that will be good to me until I'm six under. I can't put into words how exquisite this bag is, so I will just stfu now. But I highly doubt I will need another bag ever, ever again. Ok, done yakking about the Pandora now.

UNIF is my new favorite. I went crazy for what I assume is their fall collection. Then came the inevitable haul. When I first saw that asymmetrical faux suede/fur jacket/coat hybrid on Nasty Gal, I had to have it. Check. Then when I saw their t-shirts, my lower jaw almost busted off of its hinges and hit the floor. I instantly fell hard for two of the designs in particular: the "Channeling" shirt with the Chanel logo shamelessly defaced with pentagrams (DUH, it's destiny), and an off-white number with a colorful UNIF logo in Mayhem band logo style font (destiny again) atop an illustration of a cheerful Bambi bent over and getting ... hmmm, how can I say this tactfully ... butt-fucked by some dude, with Thumper happily watching -- hooray!

When I couldn't find the Channeling shirt in the size I wanted, I contacted the people at UNIF, who were so, so sweet and helpful. They found both shirts in my size, and the lovely Christine generously tossed into my order a distressed white sleeveless tee with a "Jesus Saves, I Spend" design emblazoned on the front. All three of the shirts are buttery soft, garner tons of WHEREDIDYOUGETTHATs, and the jacket is flawless. I really can't get enough of this line, so expect their beautiful shit to be a large part of my year-round wardrobe.

These jeans from New Zealand design house Stolen Girlfriends Club were my first post-pregnancy jeans purchase. How great does it feel to not have to wear jeggings or tights with bike shorts? So great. These are the most badass jeans I have ever laid eyes on, and they're extraordinarily well-crafted. The denim is heavy-duty with just the right amount of stretch, and the croc-embossed leather panels won my heart.

Thankfully for short women like myself who are too lazy to hem jeans, this pair has inner ankle zippers that allow one to wear tall boots to fill in the extra ankle space. Today, they seemed perfect for my Ann D triple lace stilettos. These also look good with the Lita boot, but I was not in the mood tonight to be tarred and feathered by the online Lita protesters. Haters can e-stone me to death for my stupid fucking trapper hat, pictured below, instead. That way, everyone can be happy :D

This denim jacket was purchased by my husband from E.F. Sly & Co. in 1970. He has a pair of matching jeans that came with this piece, but the jeans sit in our closet considering both of us are noooooowhere close to a 24" waist. I'm sure I would've worn the jeans to death if I were seven years old. However, I wear the jacket all the time. The detail on the bird of paradise embroidered on the back is wonderfully gaudy. Never to be outshined in his ostentatiousness, when Bobby first purchased it, my mother-in-law sewed sequins onto the embroidered parts in such an appropriately 70s matchy-matchy fashion. This piece also looks great with 70s era paisley button-ups with ridiculous collars. This was Bobby's "fuck you, I'm not going to the disco" ensemble. He's worn it onstage a few times ... then he got sober, grew a gut, and now it's mine.

I really hate snow, because in this area it stays pretty for about 5 hours, then is dirtied up by the filthy essence of Philly, and before you know it you're trudging through a pile of gray sludge to get to your car or eating shit on a patch of black ice as you walk out of your house (happened to me last year -- thanks for shoveling the steps, ex-landlord). Last night it snowed hard, and it was pretty. ALSO, I said it last winter and I'm going to say it again: these Ann D boots are great in even deep snow. I challenge you to find another pair of stilettos that are good in the snow. Wearing Comme des Garcons coat, Topshop trapper hat.

L.S.D. sent me this sterling Nosferatu pendant a few weeks ago. I love this piece. It's not excessively cheeky, and the coffin-shaped "picture frame" has her signature antiqued patina. I adore everything she makes -- nothing turns me green, I never get sick of wearing her designs, and on any given day I find myself throwing on at least one of her pieces before leaving the house. Thank you as always, Lotte!

Some people have emailed me asking about the new Pentagram album. All I can say right now is: it is the best album since Day of Reckoning, everyone sounds amazing, and it will come out in late March or early April. I also want to say I am so proud of Greg, Victor, Tim, and Bobby for two very successful performances in Brooklyn and Rhode Island in celebration of Pentagram's 40 year anniversary. This year is going to be a big one for Pentagram, and I can't speak for the other guys, but I know Bobby is totally humbled, very excited, and overwhelmed that his musical vision has survived 4 decades. Pentagram is an entity in its own; a dinosaur just like its frontman ;) Thank you so much to everyone who supported -- it means the world!

I know, too much rambling and too many photos up in this post, but I have been slacking big time as a blogger and acquiring curating snagging buying/receiving some majorly cool shit lately, so I couldn't wait to ~shair with you guise~.

In all sincerity, thank you so very much for the continued support with this blog, which is now over a year old -- the whole thing has given me so many incredible opportunities, I've met some awesome people, and I really have a lot of fun with this this jawn. So again: thank you, thank you, thank you! Wishing you all a blessed 2011 &hearts



Sorry for the delay around the holidays; you know how that goes ... going to have a "relevant" post up super soon.

Photos of Bobby and Victor, credit goes to the ever-generous and continually loyal Jeffrey Lee.

Much love &hearts