I'm posting tonight from St. Paul. Last night we stayed at a Best Western in Bizmark, ND. The place was a frigging labyrinth and looked like it had been built in 1972 and then never used until now. We had breakfast at the "Seasons Cafe" this morning, which was incredible. A nice little change from being thrown your breakfast in a paper bag (i.e. Dunkin Donuts on Broad & Snyder). "NEXT!!!"

Anyway the band is sound checking now and I'm slummin' it today, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Y-3 hoodie, Chrome Hearts tank top & necklace, Ray Ban/Luxotica glasses, Rick Owens wedges.

This is the natural texture of my hair. I didn't set it last night. I shampooed my hair about four times to wash the skeeve of the long bus ride off, and just had the energy to blow it dry.

The Chrome Hearts tank top totally says "Fuck You" on the back, above a really sick cross. I had the option to buy it without the FU but somehow it didn't have the same charm. Jas M.B. leather shopper w/ Chanel scarf.

Ray Ban glasses; these aren't Wayfarers, they're rounder frames. As you can probably sense, I have an eyewear fetish.

Sporting the baby bump now! I need to buy cute maternity jeans when we get home.

Our good friend Summer from out West has started her own blog, Summer Adeline Jewelry featuring her custom designs. Be sure to check her out, because her pieces are so incredible and unusual:

Custom body chain by Summer

I have a couple of interviews before we head home in a few days, as well as some exciting projects in the horizon, so I'll do a more detailed update when the tour comes to an end. This has been a hard tour for a lot of people and I'm extremely proud of those who worked their asses off to make it happen.

Much love. xo



Here's an extraordinarily image-heavy post for your viewing pleasure, brought to you from Satyricon in Portland. Tour continues in its awesomeness. I'm completely proud of the band and entourage for making it all happen. Last night was the show in Seattle. My mom happened to be in town at the same time, so I got to see her briefly and give her a tour of the bus. It was so adorable and so much fun. Touring is my jam, but I can't help feeling a tinge of homesickness at times! Three nights ago (I identify time in this manner now...after about a week into touring, one doesn't even know what day of the week it is due to constantly bouncing around for hundreds of miles on a bus) was the show in San Francisco and the place was packed. The band sounded raw: old school rag-tag gypsy blues style, just how I like it!

It's been excellent to meet some of you readers at the gigs. As always, if you see me at a show, don't hesitate to come up and say hi, take pictures, exchange emails, etc.

Bobby and I had a little time to walk around Portland today. I like Portland a lot. It's kind of like D.C. if the whole city was Georgetown.

We first passed through here on our day off before the Seattle gig. We didn't roll in until later at night, so we and the tour manager, Jared, just went and grabbed some vegan chili at a really neat little joint called Bye and Bye. These photos, however, were taken a couple of blocks from Satyricon.

Bebe leather moto jacket, Radio Moscow shirt (courtesy of the band), Chrome Hearts necklace, Bebe leggings, Ann Demeulemeester wedge booties, Jas M.B. leather tote, Ray Ban aviators.

Bobby and our TM Jared checking out the dinner menu for tonight's show; I went with the garden burger. Jared is a vegetarian so our rider includes a veg option. Plus, he knows all the good spots to get the best veg and vegan grub. Bobby wears a skull print shirt by The Cast, my old bomber jacket, Lip Service jeans, and his own boots.

Taken in the back lounge of the "Purple Passion" (lol) the night of the San Francisco gig:

Bebe leather jacket, Obesity & Speed "Stay Sick" tank top, black skinny jeans, custom sterling crow skull necklace, Ray Ban glasses, Ann Demeulemeester wedge booties.

This shirt has garnered many compliments. The fact that the print says "death breath" had me sold. I adore all of my O&S pieces. They sent me a free tote that has gotten a lot of use on this tour.

More rear lounge photos ... these were taken last night in Seattle:

Rodarte t-shirt, long plaid shirt (??), Juicy Couture leggings, Rick Owens "fin" wedges, Chrome Hearts sterling skull w/ wings necklace. I love this necklace. The pendant is on a black braided leather rope with sterling stoppers at the ends and there is stamping all over. The detail is incredible.

I had a tough time getting a good photo of these shoes. They're so incredible with their eyelets and industrial zippers and those ridiculous, otherworldly fins sticking out of the back. Not to mention, they're comfortable as hell. Since hell is so comfy and all.

Sterling silver rings from left to right: Vintage rosary thumb ring, ram skull, weird-looking vintage ring with some blue stone, Pamela Love cross.

A better look at the Chrome Hearts necklace; I'll take more detailed shots soon.

I also tried it with this Topshop blazer ...

... and my Obesity & Speed sweatshirt (like I said, I love their clothes).

We have to take off immediately after load-out tonight so we can make the two day drive to St. Paul. I've been writing this post from a packed club while the opening bands play, so I need to get back to the bus. See you on the road! xo



Hello again from beautiful Marina, California .. we've stopped at a hotel near the beach for the evening before we make the 100 mile drive to SF for tomorrow's show. That's the halfway marking point for the tour. I'm especially stoked on our bus this time around, which is a huge upgrade (thanks to Music City Coach) from last time.

Now that we have the rest of the day off, it's a good time to share these pictures.

At some beautiful canyon in Utah. We stopped here en route to Vegas, on one of our days off. We were in awe of how gorgeous and massive it was.

Vintage Aerosmith t-shirt, American Apparel leggings, custom Chuck Taylor high tops, Topshop socks, custom sterling silver crow skull necklace, Ray Ban aviators, Margiela bag, Rick Owens cardigan.

Outside of the Monte Carlo in Vegas. We got to stop there on one of our days off before the LA show. Wearing a black acid wash tank top, Juicy Couture leggings, Ann Demeulemeester booties, Balenciaga sunglasses, and Jas M.B. leather shopper. Bobby sat on these sunglasses 2 days later, LOL. I need to order a new pair when we get home.

Bobby and I don't gamble (aside from the nickle slots), so we walked the strip and headed to the forum shops at Caesar's. I was so excited to visit the Chrome Hearts store for the first time. A really nice guy named Dean Martin helped us out. They had gorgeous leather goods in there. I picked up a sterling silver skull with wings pendant on a braided leather rope and a really sweet black tank top. Afterwards, we stopped by the Y-3 store where I picked up a much-needed new hoodie. We also got some fun little accessories at the Marc Jacobs store. It was such a fun day.

Bobby wears a Pentagram long-sleeved shirt, Lip Service jeans, his own boots, Prada sunglasses.

Taken in the back lounge of the bus the night of the LA show. The gold chains around my neck are actually a body chain that was made for me by our extremely talented friend Summer. She also gave Bobby an incredible sterling silver ram's head ring the night of that show.

Missoni jersey kimono dress, Jas M.B. leather tote, Ann Demeulemeeser booties. I can't even tell you what a lifesaver these shoes have been this tour. They're probably the best shoe purchase I've ever made. So functional and versatile. I brought a pair of Rick Owens boots also, but keep grabbing these because they're SO comfortable and hold up so beautifully, as all Ann D's tend to do.

Since this post is so image-heavy, I'm saving the live photos of the guys for the next post.

By the way, I'm sorry to readers about my image links being broken for a few days; I upgraded to a premium account so it won't happen again.

We're about to enjoy some pizza and do some laundry; tomorrow it's back to work for Bobby in San Francisco. Apparently the pre-sales are really high, so if you see me, say hello! I'm the pregnant girl watching the show from sidestage or behind the stacks. xox



Hey from Ramona, CA! Last night the band played in LA (@ Ultraviolet) and killed it. The promoters were awesome and we've gotten the best treatment in Ramona so far as well. As some of you know, the guitar player, Russ Strahan, quit Pentagram about 6 hours before we were scheduled to leave for Indianapolis to start the tour. This does not mean the end of Pentagram and the band will have a permanent guitar player before the May tour. Johnny Wretched, another Maryland doom guitarist, graciously volunteered to fill in for Russ for the remainder of this tour. I'll miss Russ and I'll always consider him an extraordinarily talented lead player and a good friend. Wretched has been hanging in there, doing very well, and has a lot of balls to take all of this responsibility on his shoulders with such short notice. The band apologizes to the fans for the short set list of Pentagram songs, but they've added a pretty incredible jam of "La Grange" in which Bobby plays harmonica. Everyone has been totally gracious and stoked to be at the shows, and the guys have gotten an awesome reception.

It's also been great to see some readers at the gigs and chat for a bit. Don't hesitate to say hi if you spot me! A few readers and Pentagram fans have taken pictures of or with me; if you're one of these people, please shoot the photos to me over at halcoholic@gmail.com and I'll post some of them on here. I've also been told that I and/or my husband have been featured in a few online fashion sites or something, so if anyone has the links I'd very much appreciate if they were emailed to me. I've taken a ton of pictures myself so far which will be posted in the next couple of days. They offer wireless at the venue here in Ramona so I'll organize all of my photos this evening before Pentagram go on.

Until I met my husband, I always wondered what it must be like to be in a lesbian relationship, be the same size, have similar styles, and be able to share a wardrobe (idealistic, I know). I guess it's a similar concept if you have a same-sex twin, but undoubtedly my twin would be vastly more successful, better-looking, and not go to Crown Fried Chicken at 3am to fetch me BBQ ribs when I'm pregnant.

My husband is of a very small build and therefore I have open-access to a wardrobe of studded leather, drapey satin, crinkled lame and hand-sequined denim, all perfected and honed over the decades. Bobby's style has changed throughout the years, but his affinity for high-quality original items and unique ensembles has remained basically the same. This is a man I would admire for his ability to make a bold statement and accessorize even if I didn't wash his underwear.


My husband is an original hippie, born out of the Georgetown head shops of mammoth bellbottoms and pungent incense. For him, these years were all about Landlubbers, custom bejeweled tops with scooped necklines, hand-screened t-shirts, sky-high platforms, big starched collars on paisley button-ups (many of which I have, in recent years, claimed as my own), and the longest hair possible. Bobby was forbidden by his parents to wear blue jeans, as they were considered "white trash," so during a lot of this time he amassed an enormous collection of courderoys (all size 24 waist, so the ones that we have now and are wearable have had to be let out). He also learned how to cast a lot of his own jewelry in high school, and made a lot of beautiful custom statement pieces with semi-precious stones, most of which were sold over the years.

Wearing a handmade printed button-up .. I believe we still have this somewhere.

At the rear right. These images made the cover/booklet of the "First Daze Here" album, released by Relapse Records in 2002. The Iggy Pop shirt is now mine, the leather moto jacket still survives in our study closet.

In platform cuban-heeled boots and brown velour bellbottoms.


Pentagram reformed in the 80s under the Death Row lineup and went on to put out 2 of the most successful albums of Bobby's career ("Relentless" and "Day of Reckoning"). Around this time Bobby shed his classic hippie image and took on a significantly more macabre, costumey appearance, donning leather bodysuits, studded cuffs & bullet belts, spandex pants, custom sterling jewelry depicting satanic imagery, and white face paint. In dress and sound, this lineup of Pentagram were very different from their peers, as they were not "glammy" like the hair bands of the mid-80s (not to mention they tuned down much lower), yet much showier and more rooted in rock 'n roll than the corpse-painted black metal bands that surfaced later in the decade. Although Bobby ditched the bellbottoms and hippie prints during this era, he maintained his trademark long hair and sideburns (except while briefly working security for the U.S. government in the late 70s), and a penchant for hand-sequined satins and pirate-sleeved button-ups.

In red & silver platform boots, leather vest, and a silver lame shirt. The shirt was his mother's and I think I also have the matching pants laying around somewhere.

In white face and a leather vest. The belts I wear now, and jeweled long-sleeved shirt Bobby stills wears onstage occasionally.

Photoshoot at D.C. jail in a black & white striped shirt, leather vest, and studded collars.

All photos are property of Jeffrey Lee.

I'll do the 90s and post photos from the tour within the next couple of days; just wanted to make sure my links worked and give readers a little something. Tomorrow we have two days off so I'll have much more time to focus on this. See you in SF!