This crazy incredible hunk of solid sterling evil bling is now available to purchase through Käärme for $340. And I should note that there are only 2 remaining, not including my own. Which you would have to pry from my cold, lifeless fingers. Note my my sick BÖC t-shirt I got at Muskelrock.

Also, we now have a blog. Peace! &hearts



Pacifier ring & inverted pentacle by Käärme.

Finally, the Käärme webshop is live and running! We launched the shop in the wee hours of the A.M. and already, we're scraping the bottom of the barrel for inventory. As for the sterling pieces, they will be available to order this week. You can sign up for our mailing list to be notified when they are made available. We totally appreciate your support -- the amount of orders we're filling is bonkers, but we're keeping up.

We're also in the design phase of the next collection, which will be available around mid-December. A few limited edition pieces will be arriving solo in the interim. If you love our first collection, you'll go apeshit over our second. Happy shopping, dudes.



CTRL denim hooded jacket, zombie t-shirt by Käärme Concepts, Juicy Couture leggings, Ann Demeulemeester triple lace boots, Mandy Coon bunny bag, Charles Anastase x Linda Farrow shades, sterling baphomet ring courtesy of Actual Pain, Chris Habana cage ring, Family Portrait necklace courtesy of L.S.D., talon earring courtesy of Blood Milk.

I recently dyed my hair platinum porn star blonde. You like? The shirt I'm wearing is one of my own, and it will be available for sale on our webshop along with the rest of our first collection tomorrow. I love this hooded jacket by Sweden-based CTRL. The hood can zip inside the collar, but I prefer to keep it out. I have a lot of other CTRL stuff I haven't worn here yet ... they have great shit on their site, so I would suggest checking them out.



Deathbird & Der Todesking t-shirts by Käärme.

The Käärme webshop is officially scheduled to go live on Sunday. We had some coding issues, thus the delay. Thanks so much to everyone who have been patient enough to order via email. Stock is moving pretty steadily, so if you would like to place an order, shoot us an email at kaarme.concepts@gmail.com and someone can help you with that. In the meantime, you can stay updated by following us on facebook, tumblr, and twitter. Thanks again for the support guys.



Evil Twin plaid button-up courtesy of I Don't Like Mondays, vintage UFO tour shirt, Bona Drag lace bellbottoms, Celine platform wedges, Givenchy bag, "Bad" ring courtesy of Studded & Stoned, 3-finger pyramid stud ring courtesy of Adelina Mictlan, butterfly knife necklace courtesy of Blood Milk, Bless leather bracelets, custom Ray Ban aviators.

These were taken quite some time ago ... but it's something, right? Consistency FTW!

John Lithgow demands your appreciation.