I really needed a new pair of good flats since I'm 4 months into pregnancy and will be getting bigger and not be able to deal with heels this summer. I came across these Louboutins on Saks and fell in love:

So my husband treated me to them for Valentine's day. I fall comfortably into the "reformed punk rocker" category so I will never get over studs. The stud trend was just a convenient happenstance for me because I've been studding my clothes for 10 years. True story: once my ex-boyfriend Josh (still a dear friend) sliced his knuckle off while studding my leather jacket with a steak knife. It had an X-Ray Spex backpatch and a hand-painted Misfits logo. We had to take him to the E.R. for stitches, so I don't think that project ever got finished. But we did stay together for about 6 years after that, so I guess he felt it was worth it. He is also responsible for the fully studded vest I wore in a post about a month ago (NOTE: that vest is not leather. It was originally blue denim and we painted it with leather-look acrylic paint). Josh was one of the coolest kids in our high school. He had 12" bright red liberty spikes and flawlessly studded clothes.

My husband is a hippie so he developed his style way before the punk movement came along (and obviously, he hated disco). He's still very much into bellbottoms, embroidery, moccasins, and fringe.

In the front, wearing a printed t-shirt and a gold & emerald choker (1970). He hasn't reformed in any way -- he's still completely the same. That's probably one of the things I like most about him. Even when it meant being completely poor or ostracized into obscurity, Bobby always stuck by what he truly believed in. He never "sold out" or changed the things he liked to make his own life easier or to gain friends. The recent "vintage rock revival" has been a blessing for us, because it's almost impossible to make a career out of being a musician. My husband has, in the past, washed cars and mopped floors during the week and played on the weekends. It was always worth it to him.


CRISTA said...

love your blog... one of my friends just bought those flats... LOVE them!!

Gnarlitude Jen said...

dude those fit you perfect.
heres to being one of the others who's been studding their shit for over 10 years.

chauss said...

rad flats.
xo chauss