Acne Atacoma wedges in gray suede/black leather. I love these, even though it takes skill to walk in them. They're basically like walking on 2 tall-ass blocks. The large silver cuff I'm wearing on my right wrist is a custom sterling piece designed by Donald Pywell, creator of the Betsy Wyeth Collection. I have the matching earrings also. This horrible photo obviously does no justice to the piece; I'll take better photos later. I went to kindergarten with Donald's twin daughters and he and his wonderful family have been dear friends of ours ever since. He does breathtaking custom pieces, like this sterling lobster claw on a leather rope:

Donald is a lovely person and has designed many beautiful silver and gold pieces for me and my mother over the years. I have some little gold post earrings that are bees; I wore them as a kid. He also made my mother an exquisite pinky ring, an 18kt gold frog with diamond eyes. Its legs wrap around and are the band of the ring. Donald uses only the finest of materials and has always taken lots of time for the painstaking little details in his work. I've never been unimpressed with anything he's done.

Jacket: Bebe
Denim button-up: Topshop
Skirt: Lip Service (?)
Thigh-highs: American Apparel
Glasses: Luxotica/Ray Ban (custom)
Jewelry: Swiss Army watch, custom by Telstar Jeweler, custom by Donald Pywell, vintage
Shoes: Acne

Sorry for the horrible-quality photos, my good camera still isn't ready to use and my Blackberry has started shitting the bed. Time for an iPhone!



kendal croix said...

beautiful necklace.

dee said...

the grey atacomas look so amazing on you. i received the black ones as a gift, wish i could afford to buy the grey ones for myself!