Happy 2010 everyone! Tonight we went to POD for their champagne toast and sushi, it was super fun. We didn't really party since we've been sober for a long time and I have a bun in the oven. 9.14 pictures is coming next week to film my first ultrasound for the Bobby Liebling documentary. Unfortunately my "real" camera broke before I was able to post any HQs, so I'm buying a new one when we get home from the tour in January. Here are some ghetto MacBook pictures for your viewing pleasure.

They gave us party hats and blowers that sounded like dying clowns. D:

We had edamame too, which I love but I gorged on it and made myself totally ill.

Some cool rings. The cross is by Pamela Love and the lapis stone I bought at a custom shop in Center City. The thumb ring is also custom and is actually a rosary. A few people have emailed asking about the writing on my hand and if it's a tattoo. Yes, it's a tattoo.

Cool necklace by Erica Weiner for Bona Drag. It's a tiny sterling silver hummingbird skull.

These are hands down my new favorite shoes. They're prune-colored Ann Demuelemeester triple lace boots from f/w last year. They have the stiletto heel. I had a choice between these and the other thicker heel but I decided on these because I've seen more people with the other heel. I like how the heel is set back on these. They're truly spectacular. They even survive the sludgy, dirty Philly snow without looking totally f-ed up. Plus, they're really comfortable and the color is a cool change from black that still matches with everything.

Kimono: Missoni
Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
Jewelry: Pamela Love, Erica Weiner, custom

A bunch of people have also emailed asking about my hair and if it's real. My hair is all real and it's very long but a huge pain in the ass because there is a ton of it. Since my husband and I are hair farmers, I can't bear to cut it even though my stylist pressures me every visit to trim it. My natural texture is like the photos above, very heavy and straight and I am naturally blonde. I prefer the wavy look (pictured below) and you can attain that with longer hair by putting it in two wet braids and sleeping on them, instead of screwing around with the waving iron for hours.

Everyone have a fun night and be safe! I'm an old lady now so we're going to bed.


Lite Damage said...

awesome boots, and erica weiner has some really good stuff. ive always been a big fan of hers


Happy New Year :)



Tiffany said...

Happy New Year.

Fashion Chalet said...

Thank you, Happy New Year!
I love the rings! :)


Walk The Sand said...

Love your Ann D's. Jealous.


crystal said...

Congratulations to you and your family!!
~Love Magic and Music~
Happy New Year

Rys said...

Those boots are Fabu!! If you ever get tired of them let me know! :-)

Love to you and the hubby!! xo

Amanda said...

totally dig those boots!! maybe i'll see you on tour. prob going to the jan 17 show in ny

Jessica said...

love your jewelry !! I am very jealous of your P.L ring : )

Anonymous said...

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