I just put a section up over on the right where I'm listing my favorite fashion blogs. If anyone would like to do a link exchange, let me know: just leave a link to your blog and how you want me to contact you. Obviously, for the sake of continuity, I'd prefer it if you have a fashion-oriented blog, but if you have a cool photography or music site I'll check those out also. If you'd like to link me, I'd greatly appreciate it. You can just do a normal text link or use the button allllll the way at the bottom of the page, above the copyrights. Thanks so much and have a great evening!

And just so this isn't completely boring, incredible Givenchy jersey print wedges from s/s '10 that I would slaughter for:

In my opinion, these are the star shoes of s/s 2010. They are just stunning and flawless and I'd DEFINITELY lick the floors of the Philadelphia subway (even the stop in City Hall) to get my hands on a pair! I'd even do it in the morning, after the homeless have cleared out. And those of you from Philly know that our subway system is no D.C. metro. I'm sure it's been said before but I'll say it again: the House of Givenchy can do NO wrong.


Michelle Yue said...

:O those shoes are making me literally swoon in my chair. AOJ FOAEI JFOAEIFJ EO THEY ARE SO INCREDIBLE I WANT TO DIE

pow said...

Hi, this is my blog: http://style-curious.blogspot.com/
I hope you enjoy.
If you were ready to swap link inform me through e-mail, pouyan.ghasemi@gmail.com
PS lovely shoes ;)

JJ said...

hay girl let's link swap


Papillon Vintage said...

Oh my God I LOVE these! Tribal influenced, but black and white? Very. very . nice.


Sabrina said...

this shoes are fab!are one of my fall of the fall!

Anonymous said...

i want those shoes and trousers really bad!!!



Ganymede Girl said...

I've already linked you on my blog, I love yours. Link back if you want, though mine isn't really a fashiong blog.


Courtney said...

i'll link you on mine. i haven't updated it since november because of the busy holiday hair rush, but it'll be back on ASAP.


chloe said...

hii, just discovered your blog through drollgirl and im really enjoying it (you see ive gone all the way back to january hehe!)

id love to add you to to my blog-friends list if you're still exchanging links, gimme a comment if you're up for it! x