I've been having good luck on eBay lately.

Incredible PHI lace-up ankle boots ... I think I have enough black leather ankle boots at this point. I believe I saw these in Vogue not too long ago and they really caught my eye, so I was stoked to see them on eBay for a more than reasonable price. Something about this height on a boot makes a woman's legs look really good, even if you have short gams like myself. I really couldn't resist the cut-out back and signature PHI heel. Shoes with this type of heel (height, shape, and width) tend to be comfortable. Even though I was determined to buy ONLY flats until I have the baby, flats just don't give you the same IRULETHEWORLDFUCKYOU sensation that heels offer. If Jamie Lynn Spears can wear platform heels while pregnant, then I sure as hell can.

I also couldn't resist these gorgeous brown leather thigh-high platform PHI boots:

I don't have any thigh-high or extra tall boots, so these will be a very nice addition. I like the shiny black heel in contrast to the brown leather.

I'm glad I held off on these other PHI boots I was eyeing:

Also really cool, in all their mesh buckled chrome-heeled glory, but don't really have the "I NEED IT" quality that the other pair had. These are still listed on eBay, for those who like them as much as I do. You don't see a whole lot of good PHI on eBay, but ever since their sale there has been more good stuff.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine's day. My husband and I did what we both like to do most: languish around and watch movies. Except we ate an entire box of chocolates to give a nod to the occasion.


chauss said...

love you new phi boots.
ive been to the ph nyc store before it closed and was never able to get the boots to fit me right. :(
i have a long narrow foot.
the heel is like my marc jacobs boots i have in black and metallic bronze i always wear.
xo chauss

Teresa said...

Gorgeous Phi open-toe boots! I just saw some LD Tuttles that looked similar. Those would be great for the summer.


Gnarlitude Jen said...

totally ruling boots!! i love the thigh highs so much. the shiny black is amazing, you really can't beat those.

Amanda said...

love those first phi boots!! wish they were at the sale, but i still lucked out :)