I took a long shot and emailed the Ann Demeulemeester headquarters in Antwerp to see if they had any of the triple-lace ankle boots left from f/w 2008. I didn't expect a reply, since these are STILL so coveted and long sold out. To my extremely pleasant surprise, a very sweet woman emailed me back saying they had ONE pair left in the prune color in exactly my size! Not only that, but this wonderful angel of a woman offered them to me for FIFTY PERCENT OFF! Of course, I immediately bought them. So, now I have these beauties coming in the mail:

Oh, how I have searched. I am so excited! THANK YOU to the amazing people at Ann Demeulemeester for digging these up for me!

I leave you with another gem from Jeffrey Lee, a beautiful black&white photo of my husband's jewelry box:


Rys said...

Love what you're doing here honey!!! Those plum boots are lovely!

And Bobby's jewlery box looks almost identical to my fuzzy Ape's "gig bag"!! <3

Hal said...

Rys, they're different breeds but all the same species! ;)

crystal said...

Oh ya, those boots are a must for you girl..Love them!!!
I am so happy that you scored:)

Ganymede Girl said...

Wow, lucky! 50% off is such an amazing deal!