Good morning!

Rings: custom sterling silver shield, large sterling butterfly ring (I've had this for years but they're selling them online at some boutique now -- the name escapes me), Pamela Love cross ring. I need a bang trim! I have no idea where the beanie is from. It's one of those things that just turned up at my house one day.

Tiffany & Co padlock bracelet, various chains Bobby picked up from the Czech Republic, custom sterling snake cuff.

Cool printed t-shirt from La Garconne. I think it's by Tsumori Chisato. I wore it with some navy courderoys and my gray Acne "Atacoma" wedges. The incredible tribal-looking ram head pendant is Bobby's and was given to him by the same sweet girl who gave him the gold pentagram pendant that I wore in a post about a month ago. It's so different from the ram head that I wore in the post with the studded vest. The other one is so much more traditional-looking. I love the horns on this one. The girl who gave this to Bobby also makes her own jewelry:

How amazing is that bib? Her name is Summer and I think she *might* take custom orders. Her myspace

Just to let you ladies who are coveting the YSL Arty Oval ring know: they have 2 sizes left in turquoise at Saks. I ordered one of these but cancelled because I'm not nuts about gold-plated stuff. But it's a gorgeous design and they're cheap for YSL so go for it!

$198 at Saks.

Have a good day! xox


Helen said...

Your & your husband's jewellery collection is pretty much outstanding.

HAL said...

Thank you! He's had 56 years to collect amazing jewelry LOL. I get his awesome leftovers so it works out. We're both very much into custom sterling silver. My mother in law also has an amazing collection of jewels and furs that I've had the privilege of digging through at my pleasure.

Style Scientist said...

Seeing your jewelery collection, I know what you'd love. If you have a chance to visit LA, go check out Maxfield on Melrose Ave. They have an amazing collection of custom-made, rare and funky jewelry stuff. It's a very cool store. They also have many avant garde designer RTW and accessories, too.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

You have very cool rings; I especially like that cross one.