Tour has been such a great time so far. It's seriously been the time of my life. The guys I am touring with have been like brothers to me. We're been to Springfield, our hometown in Philly, and NYC. I wanted to thank all the readers who have come up to me on the tour and said they enjoy Halcoholic. I also wanted to thank the staff at the venues for being so accommodating to our crew and treating us so well. I hope everyone is enjoying the Pentagram shows and I'll be sure to post a big update when we get home. We don't have wireless on the bus so I'm limited to internet access in the venues. So for now, I leave you with just this:

On our beautiful tour bus in my tinted Luxoticas.

Old photo of me (I don't smoke anymore since I'll be having a baby) in a vintage knitted vest and Chloe lace-up boots.


Amanda said...

nice to meet u last night! sorry if i seemed frazzled/nerded out. it always feels cheesy referring to myself as that girl from the blog, lol. pentagram shredded!!!

Anonymous said...

When the hell is Last Rites: The Fall & Rise of Bobby Liebling coming out?

Courtney said...

omg hal you're having a baby??? i miss you on lj, haha. i am just gonna have to bug you here now!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, a baby? Congrats! <3

MRS.O said...

Ohh that second picture is really nice
congrats on expecting a little you!

chauss said...

congrats on baby. :)
more chloe boots, ahhh.
i have my loub bronze gold metallic snakeskin feticha booties up on my blog.
xo chauss