I was browing the Acne website today and stumbled across these cute silk shorts:

But then, I saw them. THE SHOES. THE SHOES!!!! How did I miss these? Acne's "Three-Heeled Pump" is one of the most original shoe concepts since that invisible Marc Jacobs heel, which I hated. Or those McQueen "Alien" shoes that nobody has. Where on earth can you get these incredible pieces of god-sent art? Does anyone actually have them?! How retardedly spectacular!

Imagine wearing these to the office with an amazing fitted vintage Chanel suit or something. How much cooler would you be than the other office-ettes? Obviously I would never work in an office [again]. But I would still wear the shoes. And the suit.

In other news, my husband and I are leaving for his tour with Pentagram on Friday. They will be kicking off at Jaxx in Springfield, Virginia, then heading to my hometown of Philly, BB King's in NYC on Sunday, and off from there. I'll be sure to update from the road. Can't wait to see some of you at the shows!

QUESTION: How many dud seasons will you give a designer before you call it quits as a fan?

My answer: I'm a pretty faithful fan, so I'll be generous and say 3. But 4 is 2 years, and fashion has a short life. 2 years of bad seasons = I'm not buying anymore. Unless suddenly one season, a miracle happens and something amazing is designed.


Helen said...

I think I saw those Acne shoes somewhere recently... But it might just as well have been a lookbook photo or fashion shoot rather than somebody private wearing them in a photo. Definitely a shoe to remember though.
I'm going to USA for the first time in my life next month, and I eagerly checked if maybe Pentagram would've played somewhere I'd be a few days ago... No luck though, so bummed.
As for your question - I myself am not a buying customer, but if a designer is shit two seasons in a row, I stop following them and check them out sporadically instead until they stun me again. I do feel a designer should be true some aesthetic, idea or show some consistent thought behind their work (which should not limit the designing, but rather be some kind of non-obvious concept) and mostly it's that "it" that interests me in somebody's designs. When/ if the designer loses it, my interest goes down.

MarishkaRI0tkhsiram said...

Love these shoes! They're so original!



insane heel.

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

Love them!!! Which designer is having dud seasons??????

Michele said...

Yeah these look wicked! "Or those McQueen "Alien" shoes that nobody has" this made me laugh! xx

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Those shoes are insane! I'm loving all the crazy heels out there lately, hopefully they will start appearing cheaply at knock-off stores...

crystal said...

I found these today and immediately thought of you!!


Although flats are the way for you to go for a while,those Spike Heels are worth waiting for!!

Glad you had a great tour,Pentagram was amazing in Cleveland!!! I have been behind in everything but i will write you soon ;)