Rick Owens long-sleeved cardigan, Obesity & Speed "Stay Sick" shirt, DIY bleached shorts, DIY ripped tights, Ann Demeulemeester covered wedge boots (S/S '10), Margiela bag, Pamela Love ring & rosary, custom crow skull pendant, Chanel ivory cocktail ring, vintage feather earrings. We're still adjusting to the new camera, so bear with me.

Comme Des Garcons coat from Joan Shepp, Jil Sander sunglasses. It's snowing again today and I absolutely hate it. The city hasn't picked up our trash at all this week.

I have to say these Ann D's are hands-down my new favorite shoes. I haven't been able to take them off since I got them. They are so comfortable and are of incredible quality. They are just badass in every sense of the word.

I also recently ordered this life-sized crow skull neclace from Etsy, and it is the most gorgeous and heaviest piece of silver I own. It is so beautifully designed and came with a thick, heavy silver chain. The artist's username on Etsy is billyblue22 and he makes stunning pieces.

I have some exciting news coming up about a halcoholic project and someone I will be collaborating with on a line of accessories. Stay tuned for more deets.

In my new Lindsey Thornburg knitted striped dress from Bona Drag. Unfortunately they're both out of stock right now, but you can pre-order for their next shipment and I highly recommend picking one up. I'm lovin' my Snapple green tea. We have like, a case in the fridge right now.

Since we're supposed to get what my mother-in-law dubbed a "snowicane," we stocked up on movies and food for what will surely be a housebound weekend. Stay warm, everyone! xo


white lightning said...

your comme coat is true life divinity. lovelovelove

Anonymous said...

omg the coat is amazing and i rly love the margiela bag. your style is untouchable!!!!!!xxxxxxxxx

chauss said...

i like that knit dress, but not sure about the orange stripes for me...
anyway, i couldnt find your email?
mine is on top of my blog on right, so email me so i can discuss some bag and t particulars.
xo chauss

Zenobie said...

those shoes are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Super-stylish shoes. They add character to the outfit. And nice necklace, too.

Please get a camera that focuses!

Style Scientist said...

Hal! I love your CdG coat so much! It looks great on you. Oh and those Ann D shoes are so cool. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, keep my fingers crossed :p.

Caroline said...

Shoes & pants are so rad, and your hair looks FABULOUS. It really makes me wish I had long hair. What kind of camera did you get? I want to buy a new one! Also, great Q&A's you posted. You seem to have an interesting and exciting life, being married to a rock star and all, and I'm not surprised that they're doing a documentary on you, your husband and the band.



HAL said...

^ it's a canon rebel .. it does focus, but my husband doesn't, lol. we were just playing around, I figured it out so I'll have focused photos in the next post.

HAL said...

^ oh and my life is exciting sometimes, most of the time not really ... like tonight i spent the night setting mouse traps under the kitchen sink and bringing food to my husband in the study, where he sequestered himself because he is so afraid of them.