Okay, I'm not a huge LV fan, especially not of those brown logo-ed canvas bags that were ALL OVER THE PLACE about 4 years ago. They're still selling really bad knock-offs in Philly tourist shops. Anyway, when I saw LV's spread in Vogue last month and the model was wearing this "Sunrise" bag in orange with the obnoxiously huge foxtail charm, my heart pitter-pattered. Apparently it's gotten horrible reviews, but so did those amazingly trippy Sonia Rykiel "Billy" platforms from a few seasons back, and I still think about them more than is probably healthy.This bag isn't something I'd normally pick out, but its slouchiness and the color fade really caught my eye. I called LV and priced it, and while it may be a little much for a canvas bag, it would make a really ostentatious incredibly functional diaper bag. Baby shower hint, Mom? Just kidding. A little. I love you.

Another choice would be this "Pandora" bag by Givenchy, which, contrary to popular belief, looks really incredible when it's on (tried it on in front of the huge mirrors at Joan Shepp and immediately called my mother to tell her how good it looked). Like the LV bag, it also comes in a cornucopia of colors. It's also cheaper, and it's leather. Not as "LOOK AT ME" as the LV, but huge enough to meet my standards and also very functional.


Amanda said...

so funny, and this will prob pop up on my blog soon- but when i was in LA, one of my boyfriend's friends out there had a huge foxtail hanging from his side. i asked if he realized how "in fashion" he was referencing the LV bags, which he had never seen... apparently it's a cali dude streetwear look!

chauss said...

i am a lv chick, but i kinda like the ombre-ness of the colors and the style.
hmmm, i hope we can find one like this without the lvs from japan...
can u whisper the price to me so i stop thinking abt it?
as for givenchy pandora, i think it would make a perfect diapar bag. :)
xo chauss

chauss said...

correction above, i am NOT a lv chick.
bal , yes.
loub, yeah.
giv, absolutely.