Vintage jacket & dress, PHI otk boots, vintage chains, Opening Ceremony "Driftwood Skull" ring, Luxotica/Ray-Ban tinted aviators

I just got the brown leather aviator jacket yesterday. This is the best jacket; I would've never spotted it but my husband has a good eye for vintage pieces. It has a really nice fit and killer paisley embroidery. The boots are PHI and I grabbed them on eBay a week or so ago. They're a challenge to walk in, but worth it ... I love the chunky silhouette and the shiny black plastic platforms.

This is a really cool frock I picked up at Sweet Jane. It has a different print from most of my 70s printed dresses. It is collared and has bell sleeves.


This jacket could also work very well with my brown Chloe lace-up wedges and some umber shredded courderoys.

Lots of faux gold chains.

My girl. We did not cut her tail, she was born with a stub tail.

Someone asked me if I edit my photos; aside from cropping them, I do not. Someone else also asked what kind of camera I use; it's a Canon Rebel.

I'm about to cook some tacos for lunch. Have a wonderful afternoon. xo


Style Scientist said...

I love your Phi OTK boots, Hal! They are so cool! You're one fashionable mom-to-be!

Anonymous said...

Those boots are super-stylish and cute. Just be careful walking in them.

Anonymous said...

this might be my fav post of urs yet. that jacket rules, ur style is out of this worlds

SomedayNewYorker said...

Amazing boots. I love the thickness of the heel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Halster:

Even your Mom thinks you look great. XXOO

closet obsessions said...

if you ever decided you don't need those boots anymore... ;)

Izumihiiiflower said...

OMG im crazy about your boots!

d said...

Really really really want that dress!