Obesity & Speed shredded top & poncho, Balenciaga boat wedges, DIY shredded tights, Jas M.B. convertible leather shopper.

Chanel ivory cocktail ring, Pamela Love cross.

I love these shoes, as they're a cute take on an ugly classic. I adore the silver bows and white rubber soles. I think these were most commonly sold in gray or green suede; mine are black leather.

This bag has been my regular for the past month or so, another really good Joan Shepp purchase. It's just a big tote with brass hardware, but instead of a zipper at the top, it snaps on both sides and turns into a hobo bag.



jack bespoke said...

great blog, quite a quiet storm your outfits are, will be backkk


Papillon Vintage said...

Oh my God. Your shoes are like, Topsider wedges!?!
Amazing! The whole outfit is excellent

Camila said...

those photos are great and your blog is amazing :)
visit my blog, it's new!


Anonymous said...

i love these- it's kind of like a badass little red riding hood! also addicted to your boots in the last post...

come visit!

Caroline said...

Love the tights... and all of your rings. Like Birthday Girl said... you look like a badass little red riding hood!


daisy kate said...

I love your rings so much, as I love your shoes! Completely out of my price range though. Your whole outfit is amazing. If you get a second, please take a look at my blog @ www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com/


Bluefemme said...

I love, love your shoes!

chauss said...

your hair looks great in these pix.
i emailed u back btw.
xo chauss

Helen said...

This is my kind of outfit - so good (although I have so far digged all of your outfits posted).
The way your bright tattoos are visible through the shredded shirt... Those rings... Great.
The shoes remind me of the very first time I met my man years ago, such a nostalgia rush and I bet many people get a lot of memories just looking at them. Quirky!

AttemptingStyle said...

great shoes, very cool.

sayablack said...

Love your outfit and hair!!Awesome.
Please check out my outfit.

Anonymous said...

Great look -- lots of style.

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

this outfit is KILLER. i cannot get over it. my type.
i'm going to link you... i hope that's ok.


Berlin said...