My husband and I are leaving tomorrow for the 3 week Pentagram tour of the midwest/west coast ... check out his myspace (linked at the right) to see the tour dates. I'll be updating from the road as usual and have a better camera this time around so I am going to make a *big effort* to take decent photos during our travels. Hope to see some more of you guys there!

I'm only taking my Ann Demeulemeester wedge buckle boots & Rick Owens fin eyelet boots since they are the most practical and comfortable. The Proenza Schoulers might come along as well, but I have a tendency to over-pack for tour so I'm trying to resist. I wish I had these babies to kick off spring:

Amazingly iconic triple-heeled "Gemini" boots by Acne. Probably SO uncomfortable, but kick SO much ass. Does anyone have a pair? Imagining all of the 70s paisley frocks I could pair with these ..

Remember this AF Vandevorst dress I blogged about awhile back?

Well, it originally had a really weird fit like a hospital gown, and not in a good way (I overestimated the amount of weight I'd gain during this pregnancy .. I was well-prepared to be nice and fat by this stage), so I'm having it vastly shortened. It's not done yet but I'll do an ensemble with it soon.

OT, but while I was getting a pedicure by a new girl yesterday, she exfoliated so hard that it skinned the side of my left foot! Ouuuch. I didn't even notice when it happened, as I was being dumbed down/pacified with an outdated copy of Us Weekly. I bought a box of Hello Kitty band-aids to compensate.

What's your worst beauty treatment experience? xo


mrsw said...

100% hands-down one of the best blog posts I've ever read. For real - honest, interesting, new. Keep it up!!!

Courtney said...

i'll be at the SF show!

Amanda said...

i actually thought that was a Bless piece at first...love it though- i'm sure you'll rock it dude!

Anonymous said...

such a good post!! i've had some really bad haircuts before,no fun. the acne shoes are amaaaaaazzzziiinnnnngg

Sara M. said...

Stoked as hell for the L.A. show. I love those Acne shoes but I think I like the classic pump style better.

A couple years ago I let myself get suckered into being a model for a hair show. They said they were just going to clean up my existing cut, but instead they gave me a gross sort of '90s industrial angular crop with huge blocks of highlighter yellow throughout. I was horrified and it took months to grow my bangs back out.

La Fille Atomique said...

Bummed to see you go, let's do that photoshoot you were talking about when you get back! And give Bobby my regards of course

I think my worst beauty treatment was getting my hair dyed professionally when I was 15 or 16. It was my mom's birthday present to me and they were dying it black with turquoise highlights. It took 6 hours, burned like hell, and still looked like something I could have done better in my bathroom sink.

Caroline said...

What a glamorous life you lead! The three-heeled shoes are awesome. Following you on twitter.



ellie jane-e valentine. said...

those shoes, oh those shoes... <3


Like A Muse said...

I stumbled across your blog when I was trying to find other fashion/metal blogs to follow. Just letting you know I'm, (Leyla, hi) following so as not to be a creepy person on the internet. I love your stuff and I'm actually a Pentagram fan too! Have a good tour!

crystal said...

(Because) I've Made It
Perfect timing..Thank you Jeff Lee(Pentagram Archives):)

Slash Clothing said...

Have fun on tour! When you're in SF, you should come to the East Bay and check out our amazing denim shop... I think you and Bobby would both really like it here! We have everything from vintage Levi's to new current brands like Cheap Monday and Kill City.

2840 College Ave
Berkeley, CA

Michelle Yue said...

the pictures don't work D: but I hope you're having an amazing time.

and LOL to your smoking comment! I guess most people frown upon it simply because it's bad for the health... but it still looks hella cool, not gonna lie XD

and worst beauty treatment... I really don't do much of those but I despise the eye-brow threading pain... feels like knives.