Hello from Hal on Vimeo.

Here's my first little video for you guys. I'm not a great speaker but I hope it's humanizing regardless of that, LOL. I know personal videos like this tend to drone on, so I tried to be as brief as possible while still addressing the stuff I wanted to talk about. Feel free to leave feedback and let me know how you feel about me doing videos like this once in awhile. I had fun with it.

Please visit Max's Kansas City and keep checking back there for my first post. You can see the trailer for the documentary at 914 Pictures. Enjoy! xo


Jill said...

Hal ur so cute! keep up the awesome work...

chauss said...

h, you are such an old soul. i didn't pick it up from your blog before.
and for a first vlog, you are very composed and have an inner strength that comes across on this vlog.
is it from life experience?
on another note, i am checking out new balmain boots.......
xo chauss

Courtney said...

it's so weird to hear what you sound like after being friends on the nerdbox for so long! still can't get over how much different you look than you did in punk_fashion! hhaha!

also, you and mira sorvino have the SAME VOICE. it's trippin' me out.

congrats on everything, lady!

Caroline said...

It is so nice to see your personality here! You seem very down-to-earth. I really loved this video, so yes... you should keep them coming! Also, you are so strong putting up with all the shit that people say... it is a VERY hard thing to do and you seem to be taking it in stride. Love your blog, and congrats on Max's Kansas City! Will be checking out your posts there.


Anonymous said...

hi hailie!

first of all, congratulaions on the baby though you didn't bear it yet.
uhm, regarding your video: i'm not really interested in such private things like if you're wearing fake hair or for how long you're pregnant. i think some people are far too curious and you don't need to justify yourself or explain something.
anyway, it was nice to hear yr voice which is quite calming in some way...all in all, i appreciate the video thing.

hope to see pentagram some day in germany ...maybe before yr husband has to change diapers;)

best regards & take care,

Devon said...

Loving your blog! x

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

i'm usually pretty mehhhh on the whole video thing and even more mehhhh after watching some of them. but yours actually really was humanizing. everyone is different and we may not always be stoked on every single thing each other does but who cares, people take this shit way too seriously. just keep doing whatever you want to do and fuck what other people say. Yay for the baby bump!

Melanie M said...

Gosh, you're simply great - & you seem like such a cool woman! :D


wool and misc said...

aw, shucks. you seem really sweet & down-to-earth.

AlxArdnax said...

I loved your videos and think it would be awesome if you decided to do more. I actually like you more now after watching the video. LOVE the blog!

Bretta said...


Anonymous said...

Hey there, lady - I've been checking your blog periodically for a couple of months now. Love the way you combine your interest in fashion/style with your non-traditional lifestyle, passion for your man & his music and growing family.

It was interesting to here your lovely and calming voice on the video post; it definitely added another dimension to your blog. And I have to agree with a previous comment about you being an "old soul". You seem so grounded for such a young woman. I think you have gift of connecting with your readers.
I wish you well - and count on me to keep reading!