Remember those Balenciaga throwback shades Bobby sat on while we were on tour? It was a blessing in disguise, because these amazing, iconic, insufferably trendy, mindblowing Ann-Sofie Back "drip" shades in red are now on their way to adorning my mug. He felt really bad about sitting on these:

... and surprised me today by ordering the Ann-Sofie Backs from Opening Ceremony. Needless to say we left whatever remained of the Balenciagas in one of the back lounge cupholders of the "Purple Passion." I do have some other authentic vintage Balenciaga sunglasses that are tinted pink and purple with octagon frames, but they're rather delicate and these black and gray ones were my standard go-to outdoor frames for a good six months.

Shockingly, I didn't even tip him off on the "drip" shades, even though I have been silently eyeing them for months. He knows I'm a sucker for anything tinted with an oversized aviator frame. And in red? Now I almost feel bad for giving him so much shit for sitting on the Balenciagas. Almost. ;)

More soon, but my thai tofu wrap and power smoothie are here and need my attention. Have a beautiful evening. xo


Sara M. said...

WHAT! Those sunglasses are killing. It. I can't wait to see them on your face.

jenny said...

i LOVE those glasses!!!! been wanting them and wanting them!

Caroline said...

The dripping glasses... they are so amazing. Hope the tour was great!



i like that red aviator sunglasses :)


Anonymous said...

really cool sunglasses...



Fashion Cappuccino said...

They are so wicked!! I love the way you write! xoxoxoxo

Jessie said...

The first glasses is very cool!


Samantha said...

Love them, it looks like that they are being melted by the sun.

Le Jardin said...

those are awesome.

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