Junya Watanabe/Comme des Garcons denim jacket, Obesity & Speed "shreddy" t-shirt dress, Juicy Couture tie dyed leggings, Marni wedge sandals, Ray Ban aviators, H&M scarf, Jas M.B. leather tote.

Driftwood Skull for Opening Ceremony wooden ring, Chanel ivory cocktail ring.

I was too excited to really care what I put on this morning, because today my husband and I found out we'll be having a little boy. We're both overjoyed that we are having a son and were secretly wishing throughout this whole pregnancy that it would be a boy ;) Don Argott from 914 Pictures came along to get some footage for the documentary. The staff at the hospital was so accommodating and very patient with the camera.

The Junya Watanabe jacket is Bobby's, but it fits me okay now that I'm far into pregnancy. I scored this beauty on eBay almost a year ago. I love the patchwork denim feel and the bell sleeves -- so Hendrix.

I admit, I've had a hard time styling these Marni sandals. Don't get me wrong, they're gorgeous. I love the giant stone embellishments, the soft cream-colored leather straps, and the weird concave wedge heel. I think the trick is to pair them with either something completely simple, or something equally quirky. With its exaggerated silhouette and harsh seams, the Comme des Garcons blazer compliments the Marnis appropriately.

This earring is so cool -- it's a porcelain cast of a mongoose jaw with gold painted teeth.

My mom gave me the beautiful turquoise pendant and the matching bracelet for mother's day. The turquoise is the same color as one of the stones on the sandals, which is subtle enough to match without being too matchy-matchy. The back of the pendant is engraved with this really cool psychedelic sun/mushroom/butterfly scene. I totally love it. By Lucky Brand.

Have a beautiful evening &hearts


Jayme said...

omg that jacket!!!!!and those SHOES!!! holy crap

Sara said...

hal these are amazing pics. congrats on baby boy!! xoxo sara

Ross said...

thats ggreat your having a son and all, but let's talk about that jacket. Where the heck did you find that! Was it hiding under a rock, cuz lord knows I've looked high and low everywhere else looking for a Junya denim jacket.

m said...

Love the jacket! That's so cool that you're having a boy, I wonder if he'll grow up to be a rock musician like his daddy!

SANDRA said...

HII! omg congrats on the baby!

thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!

Your jewellery is I-N-S-A-N-E

what clogs did you order? I should have the jeffrey campbell clogs in white on the way... but they keep pushing back the shipping!!

haha i love that you love hendrix!! my bf is obsessed so i was forced to know every song..

xx sandra

Anonymous said...

cool coat where did u get ur tatoos? i love ur shoes also very cool for spring

chauss said...

congratulations on finding on , it's a boy!
xo chauss

Anonymous said...

Thats amazing.
I love the pants you were wearing. They were really adorable.
Love your blog,

Juliette said...

Love the outfit! Chic and edgy, and those jeans are amazing.
Congratulations on having a boy! That's so exciting :]

-Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

Passport Smiles said...

The shoes are great. Congrats on the baby. So exciting!!

Smile with Passport Smiles


Congrats on finding out you're having a boy! So exciting =) I love the green stone jewelry you are wearing. I think those Marni wedges are adorable and you did a great job styling them. The denim jacket was such a fabulous find. x


Diya said...

EEEEEEK a boy?!?! sooooo exciting!!!!!!!!! congrats :)

you seriously have the most badass accessories ever.. love that jacket.

AlvianaKalin said...

wowww a boy would be so great!! :D congrats dear..:)
btw love you whole outfits. love the way you mix and matched them altogether. what a pretty face too!

Fuji Files said...

I'm sure your little boy will be so stylin.

The jacket is tdf but the first thing I noticed was the color of the necklace/bracelet/stone on the shoes, definitely subtle enough to be not too matchy.

xx FujiFiles

Anonymous said...

congrats on the baby can i ask where you got the commes de garcons jacket?

Adelina said...

love your outfit!
x Adelina

Anonymous said...

What, no maternity overalls yet? You are such a stylin' mama. So excited for you about your little boy! XO

Anonymous said...

First of all, I´m new to this blog, but I love it! You got such a rockin´good style and you and your husband make a nice couple ! Congrats from me for your little boy, too!!! An amazing time is about to come for you ;-) Best regards!

michelle_ said...

i love your jeans soooo much !
you and your husband make a cute couple :)
thanks for replying my comment with the camera stuff :)
wouldnt have know you were using the standard kit lens !


style baro said...

love it so much!

Anonymous said...

aw congrats on your little boy.....ilove those sandals

harps said...

the Marnis are pretty unexpected, but I like the way you styled them, and how your pendant matches them....and congrats on the baby boy

Anonymous said...

does ur husband buy ur clothes

Anonymous said...

sorry i didnt mean like does he pay for tem like does he help pick them out sorry if i sounded rude

drollgirl said...

girl, you got a lot going on here, but you make it work!

and, give me the jewelry. ALWAYS!


hot top :)

congrats on your baby-boy.
it will be fun to dress him up as a tiny rocker.

Dee said...

i loooooove those shoes!!! wherever on earth did you get them??!

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

having an obsessive moment with your denim.

CONGRATS! my boss is having a little boy too! ah, so cute.


Charlotte said...

Congratulations on finding out it's a baby boy! You guys must be so excited!

In more style related news: beautiful scarf and your tattoos look fucking cool through the shredded fabric!!

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

Anonymous said...

fun shoes it looks like candy

Wendy said...

I always say it- but I just love your hair!

Gnarlitude Jen said...

Major congrats dude!!

myrrh goldframe said...

you're awesome !! i love your look.loving your jeans too <333

Myrrh Goldframe

Princess of many sorts said...

I am new to your blog, but i must say.

You have great style sweety...
Have a great day - SP

couture whore said...

i love this outfit, you always get it right.
and btw, your hair is killing me, so amazing! love

Adele said...

Great tattoos!
- Adele

Amanda said...

hey girl! yeah i own some perks and mini tees but really want the skirt from their most recent collection i posted about. the brand is a little pricey but the graphics make it worth it!

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

YAY BOYYY!!! i want five boys, no girls. i wouldn't know what to do with a girl. i cant wait to see all his little outfits hehe. oh and hello hi chanel ring. i want!

fashionclocked said...

Thanks for the lovely comments sweet!

All i can say is HUGE congratulations on the baby boy news and WOW- totally love your style everything- you are very beautiful remind me of Abbey Lee Kershaw- awesome- now following.xx

would love you to drop by my blog fashion clocked


amazing outfit...lovely the first shot...great shoes...nice blog

Anonymous said...

u have beautiful eyes

Anonymous said...

oh i also wanted 2 ask do u have ur nose pierced x2?

jessie said...

want. that. skull ring.

ash said...

hal what season is that junya jacket from? so amazzzzzinnnnggggggggg

Sara M. said...

Congratulations, Hallie! I'm so excited for you guys! You look so incredible, too, I can't believe you're so pregnant.

Those Marni wedges are killing it. As soon as I saw them I started thinking about all the different ways to wear them. Love the big huge stones. Also that jaw earring is probably my new favorite piece of jewelry that I don't have.

P.S. I can't wait to see your Miu Miu clogs. I die over those, they're the ultimate!


Kim Neill said...

Hey there! Gosh I absolutely love your blog :-D and I was wondering f you could maybe stop by mines, I'm new to this and would greatly appreciate your advice. If you like it and were to follow me I'd be the happiest girl aha. Much Love Kimberley xxx P.s your hair rocks x


Anonymous said...

wow anyone who wears denim jackets,bleached jeans and avaitors are wonderful in my books!

Anonymous said...

love your tattoo!! and the pics are great.

rewind and play again said...

awesome blog ! You're so inspirational <3

Fabio Diniz said...

cool photos!!!

Anonymous said...

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