Custom tie-dyed linen jacket, Topshop dress, Phi boots, Blood Milk jewelry, Jil Sander sunglasses, H&M headscarf, Jas M.B. leather shopper.

Today J.L. Schnabel had her Blood Milk booth open at the Penn's Landing Art Star Craft Bazaar, so obviously I had to go and see all of her amazing work in person.

Her rings blow my mind. The sterling silver treasure to the far right is "The Underworld" two-finger owl skull ring, which obviously I need in my life very soon. It looks incredible on the hand and is actually very comfortable despite what a heavy piece of silver it is. Next to it is the "Nevermore" conjoined ring, composed of two sterling silver horizontal baby crow skulls.

Lock & key necklaces, other various works of art. Her booth looked so fucking cool with all of its antique props.

The "Underworld" 2-finger owl skull ring in a different finish, and bear tooth "engagement" rings in various finishes, not yet on the webshop. Atop the bell jar is a one-of-a-kind sterling silver crow skull bangle.

More amazing knife necklaces.

I had a hard time pulling myself away from the Blood Milk booth, and couldn't leave without a couple of spectacular pieces:

"The Prophet" owl claw pendant. This is such a striking work of art. Cast in heavy brass and oxidized to a stunning antiqued pewter shade, I couldn't stop thinking of this piece since I first saw it and absolutely had to take it home. Similar in concept to Pamela Love's claw pendants, but after seeing both in person I can honestly say the detail and overall craftsmanship on the Blood Milk version is superior. This is not me being biased; you can see every wrinkle, fold, and scale on this life-sized owl foot, and the artist also made the smart choice of not dulling the points on the claws.

These eagle talon earrings are not yet on the Blood Milk webshop, but I was immediately drawn to them in person (apparently a lot of other people were as well; the mirror at the booth was crowded with women trying on these and Schnabel's other earring designs). Also cast in bronze and oxidized, so they compliment the pendant very well. My new favorite pair for sure.

My business partners and I just picked up this tie-dyed linen jacket while looking at samples for our upcoming RTW line, a project I'm very excited about. The fabrics at the supplier's showroom were really beautiful. I'm not at liberty to say who she supplies for, but I think it's sort of obvious :) This is a gorgeous piece -- so soft and drapey. I also grabbed the matching leggings.

I hadn't been to Penn's Landing in quite some time. Bobby and I had fun sitting by the water and eating funnel cake after we browsed the vendors' booths.

I love these Phi boots, but they were a bad choice today, LOL. I had neglected to consider all the cobblestone in that area of the city, and had to hold onto Bobby's elbow whenever we passed a strip of it. I'm so used to walking in a gargantuan platform and/or wedge heel at this point.

I held out as long as I possibly could, but today I finally created a Facebook page and a Halcoholic.com page. I'm new at Facebook so please bear with me, but if you're on there feel free to add me to your friends.

Have a wonderful weekend. &hearts


Anonymous said...

Love love love the necklace. All the jewelry is so unique and lovely. You wear that scarf so gracefully, too. Kudos.

Jessica said...

omg that necklace is so AMAZING! and i NEED that tie die hoody thing WHERE did you get it??!

Meg said...

hal i love this look, i think it might be your best yet. and i really really rreeaaalllly want that necklace.

Britty said...

loving your headscarf right now your outfit is so simple and nice =] the tie dyed jacket is my favorite

CC said...

You look gorgeous, lady! The jacket is fab; very Proenza Schouler. :)

h a u t e . m e s s said...

Thank you for the sweet comment :) That owl claw pendant is so intense! And the antique-like shade is fantastic. Great pick

Calliforniaction. said...

I'm impressed with both your people and style. Are intriguing;)

Panda said...

Oh wow! Her jewelry is INCREDIBLE.
I love love love the two finger rings :o

Oh, and stellar shoes!
panda xx

Lee Oliveira said...

Love the model's attitude..!
well done

fashionclocked said...

hello beautiful! Another awesome outfit love the effortless feel contrasted with the neatly tied headscarf- stunning! oh and hello bloodmilk.... if i wasn't obsessed with this stuff already i would be now! crow bangle and the baby crossed head ring is divine! Love the pieces you have and all the detail is outstanding- just heading over there now...x
stop by sometime fashion clocked blog
kisses katie.xx

fashionisfueledbyobsession said...

rad accessories!

followed =D
come visit

Lenine said...

Love the look!'

pixelhazard said...

Oh those earrings are fantastic. Would have loved to check out the other work in person

Kat said...

a pretty outfit and very beautiful pictures!

Nita-Karoliina said...

I really like that jewelry. Those gun ones are really cool.
Nice outfit too.

Anonymous said...

love it all, especially the claw!



M. and O. said...

love the coat and also the sunglasses
always on top guy !

Kisses from France
Olivia & Mariam


Rae said...

GREAT OUTFIT! I love the mixing of patterns; it makes this a very bold outfit! I will definitely follow your blog if you decide to follow mine!!

Take a Walk on a Rae of Sunshine:

jolette said...

love your blog!
this necklace you're wearing in these pictures looks creepy but awesome! :)
visit my blog

Lara Woodbine said...

Great blog!


Lara xx

michelle_ said...

in love with this look !
the jacket and shoes are to die for !
those underworld rings are cool too :)

thanks much for dropping by at my blog.. <3

drollgirl said...

i love the jacket! and the mixed patterns! AND THE JEWELRY! IT MAKES ME SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte said...

Your headscarf is unbeliveably chic! Can't believe it is from H&M.

You look completely stunning Hal!

(As always then... :D )

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

Victoire said...

wow, i absolutely love these pictures. you look stunning :) i especially love your cardigan and the head thing

Rachel Goldilocks said...

BloodMilk rocks my world!! (J.L. Schnabel is also an INCREDIBLE painter- look her up!) Sooo happy you featured her awesome jewelry on your blog- gorgeous post!

Vintage. Hunter. Fun. Lover.

jen said...

wow cool stuff i really like that jacket a lot with the scarf looks chic

inked said...

I love your outfit

Miszelka said...

Love your look, and the headscarf make you look oriental.

Anonymous said...

it looks so good on you!!


Anonymous said...

where u get scarf on head

She's Dressing Up said...

Amazing tie-dye jacket, and loads of amazing jewellery! Great blog =]

addictedtoysl said...

I'm guessing Proenza Schouler?

stacey in philly said...

ahh! i've seen the blood milk stuff at toothless cat/jinxed. i love it.

will send a facebook request.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

whoa, such fun prints! and that jewelry is very unique, i like!

totally following your lovely blog,

jess s//

Silvia Couture said...

awesome sweater and hair wrap!!

Six Six Sick said...

Absolutely love the contrasting prints!


goodbyestockholm said...

that pendant stole my heart.

Anonymous said...

so very inspired by this post. your blog is my favorite ever i get so excited when i see your new posts!!!! xoxoxooo

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You have such an amazing style!! I love your shoes!! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit!

chauss said...

adorable pix.
can't wait to hear more about your rtw line.
shoot me an email with any details.
xo chauss

Eugenia el Genie said...

i cant believe iv never commented before but ive been following your blog for months!!!amazinnng pix hal. you look stunning and i NEEDNEED that blood milk claw. i know im gonna have dreams about it tonight! so jeal of that tyedye hoody jacket and the fact that your have "behind the scenes"hookups to get this kinda stuff. its obv proenza ;-) actualy im just jeal of your whole glamouros life!!your simply flawless girl! cant want for your next post!!!xxxxx

Diya said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!! the turban+jewelry is just AMAZING.


Julia said...

Green is SO your color! And re: Facebook -- I quite over a year ago but I may have to consider rejoining if you're on!



Hal thanks for your comments, always. <3 that tie dye is to die for.

koko said...

d'oh! i should have read this post earlier - i totally could have gone to penn's landing today, and the weather was perfect too. oh well, i snooze i lose...

can't wait for the rtw launch!


I love your cardigan! Also, the jewelry looks so detailed. You are beautiful and I really like the fact that you do not tan. I feel like I have someone in my corner! x


ellie jane-e valentine. said...

your jewelry collection is beautiful. it makes a fellow collector super jealous!


Caroline said...

Love this head wrap. Jewelry is rockin. And the third photo in is like a painting. You look amazing!



Sister Shirley said...

My favorite look ever! That cardigan is of course TDF, but the way you put it all together is simply transcendent.

3ate4 said...

love the earrings

Izumihiiiflower said...

i want the same jewellery